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The Mythology Society
The Mythology Society
I have mythology based stories that need critiquing.
Lunassandra Hughes
Lunassandra Hughes1 year ago
Hi everyone,
I have an assortment of stories that are mythology based that need critiquing and/or reviewing.

- Ophelia is my latest and focuses on irish and celtic mythology with fairy lore.\
-13 is a slow build greek mythos story
-As Above, So Below is a greek/roman mythos with my own atlantean myth influence.

The rest of my stories tend to run fairy tale based (Grace, Hiraeth) and then a couple are just straight from my own supernatural inspired.

Ophelia I will most likely need the most help on as I didn't grow up learning celtic mythology nor fairy lore, so if anyone has any love of those subjects it would be highly appreciated if you could take a look!

So, if ya'll feel like nitpicking a story, I invite you to! :)
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