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The School For Writers
The Telling Monster
Pencil Melody
Pencil Melody2 years ago
Today, I'm going to talk about the horror of a certain creature that lurks within every author's story (yes, even in my own).Spitefully, it rears its ugly head. The monster is hideous and it's eyes flash with anger. It stares at you with-- Okaaaaay, I think i'm providing wonderful examples of how not to write a story.

Yes, I'm talking about showing vs. telling. For the love of everything pure and holy, please do not write your story in the above format and style unless you are purposefully providing an example or are going for a flat, uninviting 2D story.

Actually, I'm going to give you all links to pages that can explain it better than I can. I struggle with this.

You don't have to read every one of these if you don't want to, but this is definitely one major way to improve your writing. Sorry if just providing links seems lazy. i worked on alesson for a while, but nothing seemed to make sense. I know I can do a lesson on the technical parts of writing.

Thanks! I hope these help!

Pencil Melody, Principal
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