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Christian Writer's Society
Christian Writer's Society
Favorite Christian Novel?
ThatSpectacles2 years ago
So yeah, yahallo! I am kinda new here so I leave myself in your care. 😄

Just gotta ask what's your favorite Christian novel?

I gonna say I loved the Narnia series as published while very handful in Wattpad like "science of god", "A Cry Out to Jesus" ,"The Rebel" , "Unbroken" and much more.

I have not find some yet here though so if you know some, please recommend to me.

That's all! Have a blessed day!✌
Nicole Armas
Nicole Armas2 years ago
I really loved The Fifth Mountain. It's a great novel about the prophet Elijah  and follows his life. It's a really interesting take on him.
Scofield25501 year ago
Love Rachelle Decker's book I got a lot of others just can't think of the other's names ATM I love reading Heather Burch too
Miss Anderson
Miss Anderson1 year ago
Maggie by Dandi Dailey Mckall
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