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Christian Writer's Society
Christian Writer's Society
How were you introduced to Christianity
widowandmother3 years ago
Some of us are born to religious parents and family members, other's find their own way to God. How were you introduced to Christianity and God?

I grew up in a religious family, one filled with preachers, youth pastors and more. My husband acted as youth pastor for our church before he passed away and I can recall being at church as a very young child in whatever dress my Mother picked out for me, sitting next to my siblings, listening to Dad preach, for our pastor was sick and had asked my father to take his place until he felt well.

I remember singing with the children's choir, and knowing that was where I belonged. The church always felt like home to me, though at a young age I was talking to God like he was my best friend, which as I grew older, I realised he truly was just that.
Nicole Armas
Nicole Armas3 years ago
I was born to a Catholic family and always went to Catholic schools (mind you my family doesn't attend mass) so I was around the teachings of the Church quite a lot. However, I never was too comfortable in church and quite frankly I've had too many people from Catholicism try to force me or influence my beliefs and values. It wasn't until earlier this year, did I really start talking to God like He's a close friend. I'm glad I started doing that
Pencil Melody
Pencil Melody3 years ago
I was born in a Christian family. Our first church really didn't have a specific denomination. I never considered God to be much of anything in my life. About three years ago, a family situation brought us to a new church. We're part of an independent baptist church now. I am closer to God than ever before; I am so blessed and happy to be here. It's amazing how God can make a big difference in a short while.
Hopeful Writer 123
Hopeful Writer 1233 years ago
I was born into a very Christian family, and have never really doubted God, though I have strayed from him more than once.
shnuffeluv2 years ago
I was born and raised Christian, which is the main reason I have lived as long as I have, I'm pretty sure. I can't think of another reason that I stayed alive before I got medication to deal with my bipolar disorder when I got into a depressive state. Christianity saved my life in more ways than one.
Miss Anderson
Miss Anderson1 year ago
I was born and raised Christian, nondenominational
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