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Xianxia Society
Xianxia Society
Lightnovel IRC chat
Tinalynge3 years ago
If you like Asian novels, whether it is Japanese lightnovels, Korean virtual reality mmorpg novels or Chinese xianxia/wuxia novels, then this IRC chat is definitely the place to discuss.


The IRC chat has various translators such as Thyaeria from Wuxiworld (Tales of Demons and Gods), Deception from Gravity Translations (Chaotic Sword God) and Zen from Zen Translations (Heavenly Jewel Change / Shadow Rogue).

The chat also has different writers and aspiring writers who use the channel to discuss their stories, discuss other stories or just casually chat.

What brings the chat to life is all the readers who spend their valuable time online to talk with the others, recommending the stories they like or discuss random theories.

We would like to invite you all to join us in a long chat about our favorite stories :)
ONI_Ghost3 years ago
Stop by and chat with us!
Join the society to participate in the discussion!
Join the society to participate in the discussion!