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Xianxia Society
Xianxia Society
List of Original Xianxia stories
Tinalynge3 years ago
The Xianxia fanbase is constantly growing with both translations and upcoming original stories. This is a thread that will be constantly updated with Original Stories that are Xianxia themed.

Argent Chaos is available at www.xingyusite.wordpress.com

Blue Phoenix is availabe at www.bluephoenixnovel.com

Original Stories on wuxiaworld is available at http://forum.wuxiaworld.com/categories/original-stories

Original Stories with Xianxia theme is available at RoyalRoadL at www.royalroadl.com

If you wish for me to update this thread feel free to add the story and a link in a chat and I will make sure to update it :)

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