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Young Adult Fiction Society
Young Adult Fiction Society
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Andrew Knight
Andrew Knight2 years ago
Have something in the YA genre you'd like to share? Please include the title, number of chapters, and a brief synopsis. Feel free to share the works of other who you'd really encourage others to read as well!
TomoRaoux2 years ago
Hello :) I have been working on my first book, "Venture".

Title: Venture
Chapters: Two
Synopsis: The oddly familiar Silver has planted seeds of forbidden love growing in her heart. Bellica witnessed her fellow cupids burying the powerful emotion at the bottom of their heart. All because of one certain rule. She ventured down to the human world proving the Rulers of Eisos wrong with, not only hers but also her beloved's, death clock ticking. Will she make it?

I hope you enjoy it :)

Also Chapters are unedited :)
Cynderz2 years ago
Hi! I am currently working on a young adult Novella series called the Tales of Twilight Heart. At the moment they are in 3 separate parts so I'll share all of them! Hope you read them and help me improve my writing!

Title: The Tales of Twilight Heart: Faithful encounters (Book 1)
Chapters: 12 (completed)
Images: TBC
Synopisis: “We fight for Le Alba, we sing for Twilight and we inspire the hearts of those who need us. May the Eternal Song of Twilight bring us hope!"
Le Alba: the land of peaceful twilight that became a corrupt society on the brink of war. To save the people from the suppression of the Control of Shadow Oppression Government, the Magical Liberation council formed guilds. One of the most famous of these guilds was Twilight Heart!  Pennie Raynhart meets a young fire elemental O'viri named Nooriya Valero who gets her into the infamous Twilight Heart. But the life of an Oviri isn't all Rosy. Many troubles seem to follow Twilight Heart wherever they go. However, whether it's a deadly song, an attack from a rival guild or hostile family members they never give up. The adventure has only just begun.

Title: The Tales of Twilight Heart- Heal the Heart (Book 2)
Chapters: 4 (in progress)
Images: 1 (in progress)
Synopsis: "Peaceful days never last, they fade as quickly as memories of the past. However, when darkness tries to destroy you, may the Eternal Song of Twilight bring you hope" Things are starting to heat up. With new lead on the girl from his past Nooriya decides to look further into it, but all is put on halt when an CSOG assassin Perez, threatens to revive the Dark O’vivi Darkyn. With Perez’s ability to use one’s subconscious thoughts and fears against them, Noori will have to accept a truth from the past that he wasn’t ready to face. Another new threat arises., the anti Government Guilds. They aim to destroy both the CSOG and the MLC by using an old war spell that could potentially bring mass destruction. Twilight Heart will to put their trusts in new friends and overcome their fears if they hope to heal the hearts of those who have lost their way.

title: The Tales of Twilight Heart- Dark Oviri (Book 3)
Chapters: 1 (in progress)
Images: 1 (in progress)
Synopsis: "The World is filled with misfortune. There will always be those who walk among the path of darkness. However, as long as my heart follows the path light, I have no problem with killing all those who oppose me.”
With Occultists and Anti-Government guilds causing trouble throughout the Le Alba, evil energy has been at an all time high. To investigate the matter, the members of Twilight Heart travel to a forgotten city. However, they are suddenly attacked by the anti-gov guild Destruction. But they aren't the only ones that are roaming through the ruins. Three extremely powerful figures will emerge. Who exactly are they and do they're desires exist among the light or the darkness? And why do they seem to have some connection with Nooriya? A new Era is about to begin
giccho1 year ago
Hi, I am a bad writer please read or not-so-good story. This story is aimed to people from teens to young adults.

Here's the blurb:

What would you do when you want something but you can't have it?

You realize you want it so much, but at the same moment also you realize that you can’t have it.

And the desire of wanting it won’t go away, even though you know the fact that you can’t have it.

The desire, it just stays there, lingering, deep, down in the bottom of your heart?

What would you do?


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