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Young Adult Fiction Society
Young Adult Fiction Society
Penana YA Book Swap
Andrew Knight
Andrew Knight2 years ago
Do you have a YA work here on Penana you'd like to share? It's time to band together and help each other out with reads, reviews, and recommendations! What say we pick one book every week that we give our full attention to and really help them take it to the next level! Who wants to start?
Alef Magnus
Alef Magnus2 years ago
Well I guess I'm gonna start,

I have this old YA story that I wrote entirely on mobile with an app called Werdsmith. It's pretty, you might want to check that out. I use it whenever I'm waiting for someone at a coffeeshop and unfortunately having no internet so I just write on my iPod instead. Anyway, before I drift far away from the point, here's my YA story, one of my simpler stories I've ever conceptualized. (for some of you might know my concepts as being different)

Cheese & Onions

It's a story about Jeremy, a 19 year old  guy who impulsively kidnapped his 5 year old half-brother as a revenge on his father who left him to start a new family. When he realized his mistake, it was too late to turn back as he has already taken his hostage-brother to the farthest side of the country on the coast. There he meets a family that takes them in and their lives begin to become entangled with the joyful family. A kind of family Jeremy never had.

So yeah, that's it. Currently sits at 83 views with no reviews. There's only 2 chapters so far. I haven't gone back to it since Sept. 15. Hope you guys read it and tell me what you think.
Andrew Knight
Andrew Knight2 years ago
@Alef Magnus, I really like the premise, I'm going to check it out before I go to bed
Flow2 years ago
I have a story about a girl who ends up being targeted after accidentally showing her Supernatural Powers on live television in an attempt to save a strangers life. In the world I've placed her in Supernatural powers are common, but usually extremely limited with her being 7% of exceptions. So two opposing teams want her, and she ended up with one of them, but even if the team is "protecting her" Raine still ends up in unhappy situations due to them.

Later we get into Celestial Crystals, but right now I've only posted the prologue which is to be treated as more of  joke compared to the actual story. Basically the prologue shows the type of humor involved with the story.
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