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OC Sburb Session RP
OC Sburb Session RP
Rules( yes those are a thing)
Flow2 years ago

1. Prudent language is allowed.

2. No god modding or creating an O.C. that can control others. *

3. No killing off other people's characters without their consent. *

4. NO ONE SENTENCE REPLIES. Make sure to be specific in your posts. Each post should be easy to understand and well thought out. *

5. No bullying. *

6. If you have a complaint please bring it to a mod or admin

7. No repeated posts over and over again for someone to role-play with you if no one is replying.

8. Do not randomly drop your characters into someone else's role-play and interrupt the two or more people who are role-playing if you are not part of the role-play and do not have their consent. *

9. Do not force someone to do something with their characters that they do not want to do. Always ask for consent. Example: Auto-hitting- If your Character is in a fight, do not always make your attacks hit your character's opponent (Except NPC's Rule applies to other OC's only) Exception: Having previously worked out with your role play partner(s) a plot, post, or instance where one can freely hit their opponent.

10. Try to make your O.C's original and do not base them off of other people's characters.

11. No role-playing your character unless they have been approved or accepted! *

12. We enjoy craziness and insanity so please do not be offended by others who act the same way. Crazy comes with the package so you can take it or leave it. :P

13. Please stay within character

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