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Multigenre for the Masses
Multigenre for the Masses
Welcome Introduce Your Multigenre Self ^^
Jozyne C. Pitt
Jozyne C. Pitt2 years ago
I am guessing the first topic should be about exactly what genres you enjoy mixing and matching together. I for one enjoy a good sci-fi fantasy adventure story.
What about my other creators who wander upon this discussion?
Megumi Akagane
Megumi Akagane2 years ago
Hmmm...currently, I am writing a story with four different plot lines and the part I am working on now is a fantasy/psychological/drama/romance/tragedy/mystery/ action thingies XD
The second part is a mystery/supernatural/ action/romance/ tragedy historical-like thing.
The third part is a psychological/ action/ thriller/ friendship/ mystery/ fantasy/ tragedy.
The last part is a friendship/ drama/ supernatural/slice-of-life/action thing.
So I really like mixing genres. XD
I think my favourite genres to mix are psychological/ something else.
Mariella Katz
Mariella Katz2 years ago
What I really love to write is a general mix of a few genres including, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, action, dystopian, and apocalyptic. Usually involving an intricate idea that somehow frames the problems and exploits of society.
OnionsAreNotWaffles2 years ago
Hello!  I love writing action, fantasy, drama, and general fiction mixes.
SarahWeaver61 year ago
I like mixing Cyberpunk and Magic Realism. Although my work has evolved into its own little thing.
Zane colwell
Zane colwell1 year ago
Hey I love writing stories, especially novels. I love genres like Horror, Romance, Dark, Historical, War, and Traveling. One of my favorite writers is Stephen King and another is Mark Twain, who's real name is Samuel. One of my favorite story characters is the adventurous Huckleberry Finn, who never gives up no matter what.
Miss Anderson
Miss Anderson1 year ago
I enjoy mixing romance with dystopia, fantasy, royalty (not a genre, but a theme, I guess), and adventure. Though cliche, I love the Divergent series. I also love the Selection series.
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