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Writing Partners Society
The Thinking Book
LexiMeghanChase2 years ago
This was something I took from a friend of mine who had this amazing idea and there is no other way to explain it better than simply by her. It's also an kind-of interesting story.

"As I sat down to write my 500 words on why I did not write, I was reminded of when I was in grade school.  We used to have this book that we had to sign in front of the whole class if we didn't do our homework. Then we had to write why. That was known as the thinking book.

This started ringing bells to me, so I thought an appropriate title for this discussion would be The Thinking Book.

I didn't finish my homework unfortunately. So the first entry goes to me. The pressure's on everyone. All people who did not finish their quotia's for the day must sign the thinking book... with 500 words of why-nots."

Thanks to Leila Archer for this amazing idea!
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