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Writing Partners Society
Writing Partners Society
Welcome to Writing Partners!
LexiMeghanChase2 years ago
Hello new members (or old if you need a refresher)! This is Writing Partners and this is where we help each other to push for their short-term goals, which eventually lead to their long-term goals. That's all it is. For this group, we have some rules though.

1. Create a daily/weekly/monthly word-count calendar. This is for your short term goals. Please mention on your first post what you want your long-term goal is so you can remind yourself and others what it is you are shooting for.

2. Set yourself a deadline date (optional)

3. Post your progress of your work in the increments that you choose at the beginning of your post.

4. If you don't meet your short-term goal for the set time frame, you MUST write 500 words of why you did not meet your goal this week in "The Thinking Book" (admins will be checking)!

5. If you are taking a day off from writing, please notify us in "The Holiday Book"!

6. Encourage others! Don't be afraid to jump into another's topic and support them! We are a society that works together! :D  And remember that you're not just here for you. :)

7. Have fun! Even though we are trying to help with long and short term goals, we are not a boring group. Don't be afraid to have a little fun.

(P.S. Don't be afraid to tell us about your story, we'd love to hear what your plans are for the next chapter or the next goal you have. Remember, we are here for support!)

 If you have read all of the rules and agree to abide by them, please type your name in the comments section as your promise to uphold these rules. Thanks!

Admins of Writing Partners

(Thanks to Shauney Watson for being a good friend on "Writing Partners" on the other site and for helping create the group and have it thrive while it lived).

Amendment I:    There will be no bullying or sabotaging or shaming or discrimination or any other kind of harassment in this group. If you have an issue like this, please inform an admin and it will be taken care of from there.
Join the society to participate in the discussion!
Join the society to participate in the discussion!