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An Example Word-Count Calendar
LexiMeghanChase2 years ago
This is an example of a word-count calendar I had when I was on another site from a few years ago. It's hard to look back at this now that I've read through these. Anyway, this was my second word-count calendar (my first was deleted and I could find it unfortunately). Anyway, onto the example.


Currently I have successfully completed one novel, "The Hunter and the Hunted" which is currently in its editing stage. Now, I have moved on to the second novel in that series, "The Omni Plague". Right now, the word count for it is: 44,826. I laid off of it for a while and started another book, but I realized that I can't leave one thing uncompleted and work on something else entirely. Now, I'll still be working on both, but "The Omni Plague" is my main priority as of right now.

I plan to write 150 words a day, since I've been loaded down for the beginning of the school year. I want to have 80,000 words when I complete this novel, max, so I can send it into the editing stage. So, that means I have 5 and 1/2 months to finish it if I stay consistent with my progress calendar, which I hope will be successful.
LexiMeghanChase2 years ago

Why hello there, fellow Writing Partners! Yes, I know, this place has been deserted for a while now and I am here for my weekly update. Yes, weekly. I have realized that during the school week, I cannot post my word-count every night, so, instead, I plan to update my word count weekly, every Sunday, since that is when I do nothing.

So, to start off, I have passed my procrastination and writers block and have plowed through that! After I connect a few more dots for chapter six, I can say that the chapter is complete and can move onto chapter 7. This chapter will most likely be James' most vulnerable point throughout the whole book, and I'll probably end the chapter with a very scary ending. I don't plan on this chapter to take so long, but who knows what my characters wish for them to do later on? Haha, but if everything goes according to plan, I should have chapter 7 done in two weeks... maybe. :/

Anyway, here are my weekly totals:

Last Week: 44,826

This Week: 45, 908

Next Week: 46, 908
LexiMeghanChase2 years ago

Hello there, Writing Partners! So, I'm here today to post my word-count early because, for the weekend, I will not be able to post the total word count. I will be on a retreat, and there is absolutely no internet access/cell phones/anything technology-like allowed on campus, so... I can't post it. BUT, I have realized I can post it today(since I'll be leaving tomorrow for the retreat early) and be able to keep up the progress calendar thus far. :)

So, I bet you're wondering how far I have come since last I posted. Well, I am officially done with chapter 6! Yes, I have pushed through that cursed chapter 6. So, if I remember to print off part of chapter 6, I may be able to write a little on the trip with what our ancestor's did... Paper and Pen. BUT, now I can move onto chapter 7, where James will be at his weakest point. Here's an outline-ish type thing that will happen in that chapter:

MC and sister will talk for a while, then later on MC will go to bed after explaining everything that happened between MC and now ex-girlfriend. (Shauney, you probably know who I'm talking about, but don't ruin it! Haha!)
The next day, MC and friends and ex-girlfriend will go to the hospital to see friend, and realize he/she isn't there. Then they will go find him/her in the "Plague House" and MC will refuse to leave friend there and take the friend to their home.
Once the MC and friends realize that their other friend may only have X amount of days left to live, the pressure is on for them to find the antidote and take down the creators of it. BUT, MC finally cracks and tries to commit suicide.
So that's how the outline looks right now. I'll end the chapter with the attempt and leave the reader hanging there. Haha, I love cliff-hangers or drop-offs... when I'm writing it... not when I'm reading it... then that's just torture. Haha!

Then I can move onto chapter 8, which is still half-way planned, half not-planned, but anyway, I bet most of you don't care about the itsy-bitsy details. :)

Now for the word counts!

Last Week: 46,908

This Week: 47,270

Next Week: 48,270

Thanks for reading my update!

Happy writing!

LexiMeghanChase2 years ago
Hello there fellow Writing Partners!

Yes, it's been about another week, well, I'm posting a day early again, because I've got so much homework to do tomorrow that I probably wouldn't be able to get on here to post my word count, so why not post it a day early? Well, like I had posted last week, I am in chapter 7... still. But as I write chapter 7, I've begun to realize I do not write the story. My characters do. I let them take on a world of their own and so, once again, I've added something I did not plan to happen. Right now, my MC is dreaming and he's seeing his older brother, Nathaniel. Sadly, the MC thinks the dream is real and thinks his brother is actually alive. This has happened before in the last book a little bit, but this is just part of the slope that reveals that the MC is going downhill. But anyway, I DO plan that after his dream is over, he makes a decision to do something (not saying what), but his decision will not go through, as his sister will stop him. Then I'll have this cute scene about him and his sister going to see Nathaniel at his grave, to partly put the MC in his right mind, but also to remind the MC that there is closure where his brother remains buried. After that, the plan goes onward, which I think I have mentioned in previous comments above, so if you don't remember, I'm sure you'll find it there.

So, now here's the word counts!

Last Week: 47,207

This Week: 49,188

Next Week: 50,120

Thanks for checking in, guys!

Happy writing and good luck with your word counts!

LexiMeghanChase2 years ago

Hi there, guys! Yeah, I know I'm missing a week here, and I've already done my 500 word punishment for it. So, for now, I have THIS week's word count, though it won't be very much ambitious like I would have liked because of stupid homecoming at our school.

But anyway, in chapter 7, I was able to finish James' vulnerable moment this past week, but now I have to switch to the grave scene (yeah, he's going to a grave site). Anyway, that is where things will start to heat up, because after that, he figures out he needs to set things right, starting with apologizing to Aaron, whom he hasn't seen since their fight in Aaron's hospital room.

So after that, James runs into his father again, but this time, his father is drunk, and he had found out something that James shouldn't have done, thus resulting in a big smack-down between the two of them, except, the only difference between their old fights and this fight, this time his father is using James' friends against him.

I'm not sure exactly where I want things to continue on with that, but you know, it's my character's story, and I let them live it, thankfully. Without that, then I don't know how far I would have been. :/

Now, since I have nothing else to say, here is this weeks word counts:

Last week: 49,188

This Week: 50,839

Next Week: 51, 400

(the reason I do this now, is so I don't forget, since tomorrow I'm busy and I have church Sunday) :)
LexiMeghanChase2 years ago

Hey guys!

So it's been a week, well, a little more, but I'm trying to only post on Sundays, so hopefully I'll be able to start a trend here. I don't know, I may start posting on Saturdays after my marching season is over, since on Saturdays I have band competitions, I am usually gone from daylight to sunset, and sometimes even later (and earlier!) than that.

But anyway, so this week, I was able to write a little more than I thought I would, since this past week I had practice on Monday, Tuesday, Thurday, a football game on Friday (which I never got to go home until 10), and then I had my home competition (which I had to report at 8:30 and didn't leave until 10:something), so I'm happily surprised to say that I am ALMOST finished with the scene where James reveals his secret about his father, and then I can move to the fun scene (which has happily flourished in my dreams to where I know exactly what will happen, but still not sure how it will affect the story), which is where James encounters his father and they have their fight.

So, since I guess that's all I have to say, I'll get on with the word counts.

Last Week:50,839

This Week:52,943

Next Week:54,000

I'm on fall break this week, so my goal is a little above a thousand words, but it's relatively close to that number. But YAY, BREAK! No school for 5 days (it's technically 9, but I still have band practice on a few of those days, and a competition). :)
LexiMeghanChase2 years ago

Hey once again! Okay, so I'm sure you probably noticed that I didn't post anything last week. Well, let's just say I was VERY busy, but I DID have my word count done. I seriously wasn't able to post last Sunday. I was at a tour event where I got to meet an author. Rick Riordan to be exact, author of the Percy Jackson series. But anyway, so I didn't post last week, so here's what I did both last week and this week...

I wrote more in "The Omni Plague" again and right now, I've had James take things slowly and this is where he starts to get himself back on his feet, but not running. Things are going to start picking up again and he's going to make things right with his friends and get things going again, working on their case. Then, the story will continue on. I don't really know where I will be taking this after this big fall-out with James' father, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. This will happen shortly after James and his friends get back together and begin to work on the case again.

ALSO, NaNoWriMo is about to start up for November and I'm going to attempt to do it. Yes, attempt. So I'll be writing another novel while working on "The Omni Plague". My word count for that novel, though, will not be as much, since I'll be working on the newest novel, "Chosen: The Life of a Guardian". So there's that for you. Once NaNoWriMo starts, I'll post a word count for "The Omni Plague" and then one for "Chosen" (for short).

Now, the word counts:

Last Week: 55,596

This Week: 57,289

Next Week: 58,500
LexiMeghanChase2 years ago

So I know it's been a while guys, but, like I've explained earlier, there's been some difficulties and so writing has not been at the top of the priority list. But I can now say that over the long break I've had, I can say that I have written, just not in the schedule format I'd been trying to do for a while. I'm going to try and fix that, that is if my teachers will ever lessen down on homework and hard stuff in their classes. But anyway, that's all I've got for right now.

The word counts:

Last Word Count: 57,289

Current Word Count: 62, 530

Word Count Goal: 63, 530

Thanks for visiting and happy writing! :)
LexiMeghanChase2 years ago

And she does it again! I've successfully reached my word-count goal already! With now being out of school for a while, I can finally concentrate on my writing, and so I've been able to slam down on writing! Oh yeah! Though I still like about another 15K words, I'm just happy that I have gotten this far! But that's not what I'm here for.

Right now, James and his friends are going to the facility to see their friend Aaron, and they're actually at the door/entrance to door and they're about to go in. Finally, I'm reaching the really good part of the story! Because this is really the last (or second to last) rising action part of the story, and I'll get to the climax! Yay! But that's basically where I've gotten right now!

And now, the famous word-counts:

Last Word Count: 64,882

Current Word Count: 66,361

Word Count Goal: 67,500

Thanks for all the support so far guys! I can't wait to finish this so I can stop and edit more, and be able to look more into "Writing Partners" and hopefully decorate it even more! Oh, and in case I don't post before Christmas and New Years: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
LexiMeghanChase2 years ago

Okay, so I cannot believe this. I mean, I know I'm on break and all, so I've been able to write a lot more, but this is clearly impossible. Seriously, it's only been seven days since I last posted, and look below, I can't believe I did this. It's... it's just impossible.

But that's not what I'm supposed to be talking about. Anyway, right now, I've gotten past the part where James' father attacks him and his friends, and I'm about to write a very personal part about James, well, the next two scenes, basically very personal to James, so I think that needs to stay personal with James. I don't think he'd like me so much anymore if I gave *everything* away about him. :) So finally, I'll start working on the ending! Yay! I'm already over halfway through with my novel! :) :) :) :)

And now, the word counts:

Last Week's Word Count: 66,361

Current Word Count: 75,315

Word Count Goal: 80,000

Like I said, that's clearly impossible. That's about 9K I wrote... in a week! And it's the HOLIDAYS! Ah! I'm uber happy right now! :)
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