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Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Beta Readers for Hire
RT Cipher
RT Cipher4 years ago
These are all the people that are offering their beta reading services. If you wish to be a beta reader, please make a post using the following template:

Will Beta: Include all genres + ratings.
Will Not Beta: Include all genres + ratings
Preferred Form of Communication: Email, Penana PMing, etc.
Preferred Form of Beta-ing: Google docs, Penana's system, etc.
Time Frame: How long do you think you'll take to go over a story/chapter? Give a rough estimate.
Bio: Just a couple sentences about you as a reader/editor. Include strengths and weaknesses, whatever you think authors need to know about you.

Beta Readers: If you have to make any changes do so by editing your post. Also, if at any time you wish to stop or halt beta-ing, please say edit your post. Doesn't have to be some long paragraph, a simple "No longer accepting beta requests" at the top of the post will do.

Authors: If you wish to ask one of the beta readers to beta something of yours, please send them a PM. Do not post a reply to their post as that will just make everything really confusing. Only beta readers can create posts and reply to their own posts in this thread. It's just to make everything clean and ordered because I'm slightly OCD about stuff like this.

All communication between authors and beta readers should be done through the preferred communication system.

If you have any questions, you can PM me or post on the Questions thread.

Yup (:
RT Cipher
RT Cipher4 years ago

Name: RT

Will Beta: All genres except for the below and all ratings.

Will Not Beta: Fanfiction.

Preferred Form of Communication: Penana PMing.

Preferred Form of Beta-ing: Google docs.

Time Frame: 3-4 days per chapter or about a week or so for an entire novel of about 25,000-30,000 words. Time frame will vary as I do have other things to do.

Bio: I read, a lot, and write too, I've got a bunch of stories up on here. I have been doing some beta-reading/editing for a couple people on Wattpad and I edited a book for an author who then self-published it (The Winter Experience by Eli Summers available on smashwords, if interested), so I do have a bit of experience. I'm pretty decent at grammar and am generally quick at pointing out plot holes and such. I am extremely socially awkward though so beware of that and I am going to apologize ahead of time for any awkwardness on my part. I am also pretty honest, sometimes brutally so but I will try to be as nice as possible without coddling. And yeah. Hope I can be of help.
BML19974 years ago

Name: Britt

Will Beta: most things except those I list I won't, including some fan fictions (Penguins of Madagascar, Sherlock, X Files, ) but if I haven't seen the show/read the book it's based on I might not be the best beta for you.

Will Not Beta: I will not beta horrors, anything rated adult, anything super sexual,  and I'd prefer to not beta fan fictions from shows I don't know, and actually I'd prefer really to not beta poetry

Preferred Form of Communication: Penana PM, please, or via fiction press if you're on that

Preffered Form of Beta-ing: well, on this site I'm not sure yet, so any way sent I suppose will be fine with me until I've decided.

Time frame: I have no clue. I'm usually quick to look over and reply to things asap, with school and etc kept in mind

Bio: I spend most of my free time writing or reading or researching for my writing. I've betaed a lot for my best friend over the years and I've betaed quite a few on Fanfiction. Most of what I have written to this point is Penguins of Madagascar Fanfiction, but I am also currently writing a novel that's about half way done. I am really good at grammar, punctuation, phrasing, etc. I have a tendicy to be a "little" impatient so I translate that over to why I always reply asap since more people are at least a little bit. If I see an issue, I'll tell you about it probably the most gentle way I can. I'll he honest, but I'm not too brutal. I'm socially awkward and often times kind of naive about certain things "normal" people do.

All in all, I hope I can be of some help.
Mr. Ducky
Mr. Ducky4 years ago
I'll help out.
Name: Ducky

Will Beta: all excepting below. All ratings.

Will Not Beta: Poetry.

Communication Preference: Penana PM.

Beta method: I'll just look it over on Penana.

Time frame: Usually about twice the time it takes to read the document(s).  A little longer if the document is riddled with mistakes. That's okay though, I like a challenge.

Bio: I like to write during my free time, but only about one day a week.  I haven't beta-ed recently, but I do know a bit about grammar. Commas are my enemies, usually one out of five of the commas that make it into my story are unnecessary, but that's because I write the way I speak. I know where they are supposed to be though. I can also help people out with writing blocks, I love contributing to stories to help out writers, I've done this on occasion. I am, by default, a shy person, so it's hard for me to balance more than one conversation and meet new people. But I still hope I can help a lot of people. (doesn't make much sense does it?)
BattyCrash4 years ago
Will Beta: any genre but those below. I will beta pG-13, but it depends. I prefer PG and below.
Will Not Beta: R, poetry(not a poet... can't show it! XD), horror. I WILL NOT EVEN BETA HORROR AS A SUB-GENRE. I LIKE SLEEP.
Preferred Form of Communication: Penana PMing
Preferred Form of Beta-ing: Penana. Let's keep it all on the site, a'ight?
Time Frame: I can read about a minute or 2 faster than the suggested reading time. It really depends on the story. I like to read it once, then skim for things I noticed and want to check, and then it takes 5-20 minutes depending on mistakes!
Bio: I've been writing for a while, and I am a HUGE grammar Nazi(no offense intended)! I cannot do spelling. Nu-uh. But I am good with plot points/twists/cliffhangers and other plot techniques. :)
Fearless Writer
Fearless Writer4 years ago
Name: Theatre
Will Beta: Basically anything. I don't really care about genres or age ratings.
Will Not Beta: Fanfiction unless it is TFIOS, Divergent, or If I Stay.
Perferred Form of Communication: Penana PMing
Perferred Form of Beta-ing: For now anything will work, but preferably on Penana.
Time Frame: It will take me anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour for one chapter, depending on the amount of mistakes. I will only be able to do one, possibly two chapters a day, depending on how late I start and what I have going on in my personal life.

Bio: So I mostly am on at night, I might go on during the day if I have free time, which is rare for me. I only really use my iPod when I'm on here, I only use my laptop if I'm on during the day, so excuse any spelling mistakes. I am good with finding spelling and grammar errors, and I tend to, as my English teacher puts it, "write long" so be prepared. I will give suggestion for things I think could make a story/poem better, so normally I will do two sections. First I will go through with spelling and grammar, then I will find other things. I have previous editing experience from Wattpad and FictionPress.
Ari-Ink4 years ago
Name: Ari

Will Beta: All ratings and genres except for those listed below.

Will Not Beta: Fanfiction, poetry, and I would really rather not beta anything smut related.

Preferred Form of Communication: Penana PM

Preferred Form of Beta-ing: Penana

Time Frame: It really depends on my schedule but unless something comes up or the piece is ridiculously long, I should be able to do it within 2-4 days.

Bio: Nearly everything I know about writing, I taught myself by reading. I'm really good at grammar and spelling, and I can usually pick out story inconsistencies or flaws. I usually read through a piece two or three times to be sure everything is as good as it can be (unless it's my own writing, in which case, there are an over-abundance of mistakes.) Hopefully I can help someone out. :)
Faithios4 years ago
Name: Faithios

Will Beta: Any genre except those listed below.

Will Not Beta: Romance, slash/femslash.

Preferred Form of Communication: Private messaging.

Preferred Form of Beta-ing: Just here on Penana.

Time Frame: Late afternoon or late at night (Eastern Time) due to school and other things, plus I may occasionally be away from my computer for a couple of days on family trips.

Bio: I've always enjoyed writing (unless it was for school), and I've made several attempts at it but it always seems to go unnoticed. As for reading, I like stories where things actually happen; romance has never done much for me at all, and it's hard for me to Beta something I'm not interested in. I try to say at least one positive thing when I Beta, but if the story is just chock full of errors, I may be a little more blunt with you. I hope I can be of assistance. ^^
Sunnycanary6134 years ago
Name: Sunny

Will Beta: Everything except fanfiction in series/shows I haven't read/watched before

Will Not Beta: See above

Preferred Form of Communication: I don't really mind, up to you

Preferred Form of Beta-ing: Same as above

Time Frame: It really depends on how long it is, I guess, but at the most a couple of days. I'm in UTC +12:00 so time zones may clash...

Bio: I love writing and I'm usually quite fussy about proof-reading and editing. I'll give feedback and constructive criticism for every story I Beta. I have past experience of Beta-ing on FanFiction.net and Tumblr. I hope I can help!
SushiPrincess4 years ago

Name: You can call me Princess or Lovely, whatever you prefer. I don't really have a preferance because I'm called different things on different sites.

Will beta: I will do mostly anything, may it be fanfiction or fiction, femslash or slash or het, romance, horror, adventure, etc. I'm very welcome to the slash fanfiction area, especially Harry Potter, and Merlin. Recently Queer as Folk, and a big fan of Doctor Who, Percy Jackson and all of the major shows/movies/books. I also do most anime/manga. For example, Shugo Chara, Kuroko no Basuke, AKB0048 and many more. I can beta for anything really, but I will be able to beta it more properly if I know the show/book/movie, so ask me if I know it. Obviously, I can't list every single one I know. I will beta all genres and ratings, so don't worry about that.

Will not beta: I won't beta any poetry if I can help it, but I can manage. I will not, for any reason, beta your story if you don't know for a fact that you are going to finish your story. It is fine if your real life problems are getting in your way, but I would prefer to beta a soon-to-be finished story. Of course, if it is a one-shot that is a different case.

Form of communication: It really is up to you, but I would check it much more frecuently if it was PMing on penana.

Form of beta'ing: I would rather use the Penana form.

Time frame: I am generally very fast at correcting unless I give a reason why I took longer, but on the high end, I take one or two hours after I read the message to correct a decent-sized chapter. It might take me, from your perspective, two or three days, more if I have plans.

Strengths: Some of the things I'm good at is finding plot errors, the nitty gritty things, dialogue, where to add more, what to take out, places where the scene needs to speed up or slow down.

Weakness: I'm fine with spelling and whatnot, but I haven't majored in English or anything, so I wouldn't call that my greatest point.

Bio: I love to read and I love to write. They are essencially my life. All I do is read and write fanfiction. I do not want to beta for a close-minded, religiously pushy, homophobic, racist and/or sexist person, so keep that in mind. Besides that, I am, as Iike to think of myself as, enthusiastic and happy person. I will want to have a dedicated author who will take most of my sugestions into consideration and for those sugestions that you have not, I want to know what and why, so I won't make the same one in the future.

I hope you consider me as your beta,
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