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Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Authors in Need
RT Cipher
RT Cipher4 years ago
These are all the authors who are looking for a beta reader. If you are one of these authors, please create a post with the following template:

Title of Piece:
Looking for a Beta Who Can/Will: Specify what in particular you are looking for from a beta reader. Do you want them to focus on plot? Grammar? Characterization? Or are you going for something overall?
Preferred Form of Communication: Email, Penana PM, etc.
Preferred Form of Beta-ing: Google Docs, Penana's system, etc.
Deadline: Are you on a time crunch and have a deadline to meet?

Authors: Once you are no longer looking for a beta reader, please update your post saying so. A simple "no longer looking" or the like at the top of your post will do. Essentially, keep your post up to date by editing your post when changes occur or should be known.

Beta Readers: If you wish to offer your services to an author, please send them a PM. Do not post a reply to their post as this will make everything really confusing. Only authors can create posts or reply to their own posts. This is just to make everything clean and organized as I am kind of OCD like that.

All communication should be done through the preferred communication system.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or post on the Questions thread.

Yup (:
roseofnoonvale4 years ago
Issue resolved


Title of Piece:Under the Same Moon (preface posted on my account here and on fictionpress)
Genre:general for now
rating:pg for now but may go up to T
Summary:Cheyenne has seen how the world has started to go to ruin, as it pits brother against brother, religion against religion, and truth against popularity. She and a group of friends decide it's time to show the world that despite the differences, at the end of the day, everyone is human, and everyone lived under the same moon. Can they succeed or it is too late to change the world?(can give more specific details, just ask)
Looking for a beta who can/will: help with plot issues and plot holes, catch small mistakes that may come up, and with dialog
preferred form of communication:anything i guess
preferred form of beta'ing:any way will do
deadline:not really sure how long it will be yet, but it will be a few chapters. I'm not in any rush as far as this is concerned, just as long as its a decent time
BattyCrash4 years ago
I will if you want :) I'm pretty good with plot.
KingIllumination4 years ago
Name: (Not sure if this mines story name or my name)

Title of Piece: The Beginning of the End

Genre(s): Fantasy, Family, Dystopian
Rating: PG 13

Summary/Description: Nate Emerald, and his sisters, Annie and Connie, have lived there whole lives inside a huge castle, not allowed to leave their rooms. Their only friends are mysterious creatures known as Familiars, which they have the power to talk too. Made to believe that the Familiars are treated terribly by people, Nate swore to save them all.

On his sixteenth birthday, Nate was crowned King of the NWO; a union formed to save Familiars from people. Now Nate, along with his sisters, must go on a journey to awaken an ancient Basilisk, and use it's power to create a New World Order.

But is the world really as bad as he thinks?

Looking for a Beta Who Can/Will: Something overall
Preferred Form of Communication: PM or Email
Preferred Form of Beta-ing: Anything will do
Deadline: I want to post a chapter per week
timothyscifi3 years ago
Title of Piece:The end to angels
Genre(s): Mystery/horror/end of the world piece
Rating: It will be in later chapter m for mature for themes including sex,violence, and people push to the breaking point

Summary/Description:Where does one man's view begin or end? How do you know what is real? what is the nature of choice? Soon one man finds the world has literally gone to hell and he has to deal with the end to angels

Looking for a Beta Who Can/Will: Honestly, have at it. I'm writer not a editor. I want the story to look professional and not like (let face it) amateur writer with to much time on his hands.
Preferred Form of Communication: W/e
Preferred Form of Beta-ing: W/e
Deadline: forever or end of time which ever comes first

Authors: N/a

M. Williams
M. Williams3 years ago
Already being worked on by me :)
Wizpen3 years ago
Name: Wizpen
Title of Piece: The Librarian
Genre(s): General, Adventure, Mistery
Rating: PG-13, maybe I'll add in a couple of adult material near the middle to the end and then change the rating to T or M idk yet.
Jefferson Anderson is an ordinary librarian at his family company's grand library. He had closed most of himself from the outside environment until one fateful call from a friend who hasn't lost touch.
Looking for a Beta Who Can/Will: general review and critics need, many thanks m8.
Communication: PM Penana
Form of Beta-ing: I don't understand a clue about beta-ing so whatever is fine
Deadline: Not fixed. Many chapters are to be expected though

Much obliged
XXjoeyXX3 years ago
Name: Joey
Title of Piece:Survivor
Genre(s):young adult, dark, angst
Summary/Description:Once upon a time there was a boy named Joseph. His life wasn't happy, it was dark, depressing and filled with pain. However, this isn't his story, his is too much to tell, too dark for most. What is written here is the truth, if you choose to see it. If not, see it as a depressing story about child abuse and what it means to be a survivor.

Looking for a Beta Who Can/Will: grammar, spelling, structure, who won't judge and who can be patient with me
Preferred Form of Communication: penana pm or email
Preferred Form of Beta-ing: Google Docs or penana beta system
Deadline: no deadline as long as it's in a resonable time frame

James Villinger
James Villinger3 years ago
Name: James
Title of Piece: Acolytes: A Caste for Control
Genre(s): Science Fiction, Dystopia, Action, Young Adult, Military
Link: https://www.penana.com/story/1290/acolytes-a-caste-for-control/toc
Rating: PG - PG13+

Summary/Description: Check the link above.

Looking for a Beta Who Can/Will: Plot holes, Characters, other issues you notice

Preferred Form of Communication: Penana or email

Preferred Form of Beta-ing: Email.

Deadline: None.

I'm happy to trade critiques. My story is 86K, so I'm willing to critique stories of similar length. I prefer Science Fiction, but I'm open-minded. I generally take a couple of months to get feedback to you, so I would expect a similar response.

PM me for my email.
EricThomas3 years ago
Name: Eric
Title of Piece: Virulent
Genre(s): horror suspense
Looking for a Beta Who Can/Will: Overall impression. Not entirely focused on grammar right now, just, does it make sense, can you follow it?
Preferred Form of Communication: Email ericthomasm@Gmail.com
KingIllumination3 years ago
Has this started yet? I've completely revamped my story and really need readers now.
MousyCh3 years ago
Name: Ana
Title of Piece: Fallen (and the sequel)
Genre(s): Horror, Suspense
Rating: PG13
Summary/Description: A story about a girl who gets entangled into a lot of trouble. The story is not only about her, though. It has some true facts about religion and Hell.
Looking for a Beta Who Can/Will: I am not very good with grammar. It seems no matter how much I correct, there is still something missing. I also have a hard time with some scenes (for example, the fighting scenes).
Preferred Form of Communication: Email or Penana PM
Preferred Form of Beta-ing: I don't really care.
Deadline: There is no deadline
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