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Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
The end to angel
timothyscifi3 years ago
Title of Piece:The end to angels
Genre(s): Mystery/horror/end of the world piece
Rating: It will be in later chapter m for mature for themes including sex,violence, and people push to the breaking point

Summary/Description:Where does one man's view begin or end? How do you know what is real? what is the nature of choice? Soon one man finds the world has literally gone to hell and he has to deal with the end to angels

Looking for a Beta Who Can/Will: I want the story to look professional. Remove any glaring loop holes and bad grammar or punctuation
Preferred Form of Communication: Pm/email
Preferred Form of Beta-ing: Pm/email
Deadline: On your own time, no rush.

Authors: N/a
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