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Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Need a Reader/Critic
Blondemaverick11 months ago
If you find the time, I'm looking for someone to look over "A Quilan Called Brisance". It's a long one, so even a skim would be helpful. It's a love story set in an alternate steampunk timeline. There are also giant eagles. And gin. Lots of gin.

I need someone to look at it and tell me it's crap... and then tell me how I can improve it.

Thanks in advanced.
Lunassandra Hughes
Lunassandra Hughes10 months ago
I'll read yours, though I have no experience in steampunk writing so fair warning. All I ask is that you read one of mine. (Mine are long too, so if you pick one of mine to critique we'll hopefully balance each other out.)
Blondemaverick10 months ago
Consider it done!
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