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Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Beta readers for 130k dark sci-fi novel
nitronaut5 months ago
Hi all, I'm looking for #betareaders who have an interest in hard-boiled scifi/horror. The book is a dark thriller set in a near-future megalopolis where citizens live under a legalised system of constant surveillance. Despite this, police struggle to keep up with ever-increasing levels of violence and mayhem.

This novel is a fusion of tech-noir science fiction weaved into a tale about a cabal of serial killers and explores humanity’s dark, self-destructive tendencies.

This is my second book and would like to test it with readers before moving forward. I'm looking for reader reactions, plot weaknesses, character inconsistencies and any other feedback.

Also, if there are any techno-geek readers out there, I would certainly like the future-tech in the book road-tested. So if anyone is interested, hit reply.
Crimson5 months ago
As a fellow thriller and scifi fan, I would love to betaread for you. :)
nitronaut5 months ago
@Crimson, Thanks, I’m testing a new tool called so if you’re  cool to use it pm me an email and I’ll send you an invite link.
Harry4 months ago
If your still looking for readers I'd be interested
nitronaut4 months ago
@Harry, thanks for your interest. I am using PM me your email to get an invite.
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