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Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Beta Reader Needed
Stefani Michelle
Stefani Michelle3 years ago
Hello everyone! :) I am looking for a beta reader for my fantasy short story, Ascension. Need someone who is great with grammar, story flow, and character analyzing. :)  Having some troubles with wording and over all flow of the story so far. It is not completed but won't be a generally large piece. No more then 7,500 words once it is finished. :) If anyone is interested, please message me!

Thank you!
Adeel3 years ago
@Stefani Michelle, hello. My names Adeel and I am a film student and a big part of my studies includes reviewing stories, making them better, adjusting the story structure, character description ect. Which is basically what you want. I will be happy to help you out if u want. Please feel free to message me if needed :)
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