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Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
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I want to read people’s work
Foreveraining2 years ago
Hey all,

If you have any stories you want to share and want others to read, post them here.

I’m also an editor. So if you need someone to edit your work, or just read over it to check, I can do that.
Neveah Hor
Neveah Hor2 years ago
@Foreveraining, cool! If you don't mind, do check out my novel titled The Revolution.

bonesinclosets2 years ago
I haven't exactly published it here yet, but is it cool if I send it over. I already posted a preview somewhere but that's it, I kinda have the full plot here (and by that i came up with it after staying awake until 1 am today)
SparkleCadet1 year ago
@Foreveraining, if you don't mind check out my novel Total Drama Island:Survival of the Talented. Thanks!🙂
Haylie Parkison
Haylie Parkison 2 years ago
Could you check out Mysteries of Slaborough. Thanks.

Foreveraining2 years ago
@Haylie Parkison , done! It was a good story! Hope you continue writing it
Haylie Parkison
Haylie Parkison 2 years ago
@Foreveraining, thank you
Blankmarks2 years ago
Help me make my last story Arc great by reviewing the story so far please and thank you.

S.N. Nina Arthur
S.N. Nina Arthur 2 years ago
Could you check mine
Mixed Feelings
Running Spark
Running Spark2 years ago
Check out my story I just recently started on this platform. Would love your feedback!

Title: Last of the Galia

3 chapters published (ongoing)

Genre: Supernatural/Modern-day fiction

"There are so few of us left. The 'Gifted Ones' is what they used to call us. We were special."
"There's nothing special about being hunted down for something you didn't ask for."

Cory promised his parents he would protect his sister. That's easy to say when you live in a hidden tribe deep in the mountains away from all civilization. It's not so easy to do when something happens that forces you to leave the safety of your village and embark into a world unknown. A world filled with the inept, where having the Gift no longer makes you special. It makes you the hunted.

Now Cory has to learn to survive in this new world with his sister as he searches for the last of his kind - The Last of the Galia.


Hope you enjoy! I can't wait to read your feedback :)
Shyla Boo
Shyla Boo1 year ago
Please, That would be so helpful.
Story: Falling(ongoing)
1 year ago
would you please read my poem named "Angels and demons"

Ghptie1 year ago
Check out “When She Loved". You'd love it
Smoke & Fire
Smoke & Fire1 year ago
Check out "Blood Stains White Roses". It's my first story on here and I want to know if I should continue it.
Ghptie1 year ago
Check out
When She Loved and ,
His dazzling maid
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