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Writers Law!!
Writers Law!!
Story share!
Cynderz2 years ago
Make sure u share your stories. I can't wait to read your favourite pieces :)
ShadowBobcat102 years ago
I'm currently writing a sci-fi about modifying the laws of physics and having fun with them. Check it out, and maybe give a few likes and/or comments. Constructive criticism is always encouraged!

TheGirlWhoseStillUnKnown2 years ago
Hi!  I would really appreciate it if you read my on-going story. It is set in a world that experience no war for a century. But everything changes just because of a few selfish people who wanted all the power for themselves.

I know it doesnt sound anything nice but read the story I swear it is my greatest yet. It just need a few correcting here and there. Constructive critism is highly appreciated. Thank you!
Createology2 years ago
Hey everyone. I recently completed a story called 'Welcome to the Show.' I've been writing it since March 2016 and I just got it finished today. I would truly appreciate it if you read, like, and comment on it. It would help encourage me to write more stories in the future. Thank you. :)
Minerva Teagan
Minerva Teagan1 year ago
Hey, I've recently just started posting chapters of a book, A Girl's Best Friends", I've written somewhere else. I would like to get some feedback on my work. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you!
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