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Writers Law!!
Writers Law!!
Chapter length
Frances2 years ago
So I am currently writing a piece "And No Birds Sing" with long chapters. I have been trying to figure out the best way to break them down into bite sized intervals so its easier for the reader to digest.

As a reader, what is the best word count for a chapter? How long is too long?
Naerie2 years ago
I've found that I can't read chapters that are any longer than 1500-2000 words, because as a reader I begin to lose interest and I glaze over the words. But that might just be me.
How long are your chapters?
Frances2 years ago
I'm shooting for atleast 2000 a chapter, I read somewhere that chapters in most fantasy novels were atleast that length. I have been cutting and pasting on here, trying to divide up the content so I don't have any super chapters
Cynderz2 years ago
I stuggled with the same thing, I was worried whether or not my chapters were too short and or too long. So with Twilight heart I decided to write them as if they were a TV series. I also wrote them in a book and made a limit of 5 or 6 pages for each, you colluded try that too if you like. If not have a look at published works to find the style you'd like to take. Hope that helps
Minerva Teagan
Minerva Teagan2 years ago
Personally, my chapters vary from 1600-2500, but as a reader, I believe having a lengthy chapter is not as interesting as a short one. It's all about personal interest, but try not to overdo it.
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