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K-Pop DAEBAK! Society
K-Pop DAEBAK! Society
Huge Announcement! (Non-Related To KPOP)
Rosemary Dawson
Rosemary Dawson8 months ago
Hey guys, Rosemary here. Sorry for not being active for months but I would like to make a huge announcement as a writer that I've been shortlisted as one of hundreds of people to make into the next competition to gauge more popularity before enrolling into the league.

I know it's not really related to KPOP but I'm excited to share it with you guys and I hope I could be one of the winners into the league so I hope the people out there can help me too! How? It's pretty much simple:

1: Create a Wattpad account (You can skip this step if you already have one)
2: Log in your Wattpad account
3: Go search "The Treasure Within" by Storymakers League. (The Link for my story: wattpad.com/541598630-the-treasure-within-1st-asian-storywriting )
4: Read the story
5: Help to vote & comment something nice about the story.
6: Share the story to any social media platform.

It's that simple! Thanks for reading this and I hope you can help a fellow person that aspires to be a writer! Thanks again!


Rosemary Dawson.
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