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The Figment Project
The Figment Project
Why I Created This Group
Ducky1 year ago
Figment usually dwindles in activity during the school year... but this year in particular has seen the lowest number of active users in YEARS. Our unique visitor count has dropped drastically as well. Our site's moble version sucks, I agree there, but just switch it to browser version and everything runs well and looks beautiful.

There is also supposedly an app in progress.

The point is, we need more members. We need more ACTIVE members, to be exact. I want to start this group for the purpose of bringing more people onto Figment, while creating a bridge between my two favorite writing sites for all of us to connect and chat and make friends.

Maybe my efforts may be in vain. But I want to know I made an EFFORT to keep Figment alive.

I want to use this and notify everyone whenever there is a new contest on Figment, whether site-created or user-created. I want everyone to be able to share their works. I want everyone here to see how amazing Figment is, and everyone over there to realize that Penana is just as cool. Sure, Figment doesn't have a mobile app yet, but it has so much more that most writing sites are missing that most people overlook.

Figment is a site full of friendly people. I say this because most of the jerks end up kicked off the site, their accounts deleted. The forums are fun to engage in (other than during Elections), and the contests almost never stop. I have no idea why the site is dropping in numbers but I want to bring them back up.

And I need your help.

PLEASE join Figment. I will give an in-depth review of one of your works if you join and send me a link to your profile (I can do the review either here or on Figment). I will show you the ropes and help you with any questions you may have. I don't want to see the end of Figment. Please... you're our only hope.

(Yes that was a Star Wars reference.)

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