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Yaoi Society
Yaoi Society
Welcome! Introduce Yourself!
jyuemai1 year ago
Welcome, welcome! Come on in and introduce yourself! Give a little blurb about yourself, mention your favourite yaoi/shounen ai, or just talk about your hobbies and interest.
Shadow6 months ago
Hello, this was the perfect society for me since I am a bit of a yaoi and shounen-ai fanatic. I have too many favorite mangas to count in both yaoi and shounen-ai I'm afraid. From something innocent like Silver Diamond to Viewfinder and others. If anyone has any books they've written, I would love to read them.
Ÿùûrï Sīskå
Ÿùûrï Sīskå6 months ago
Holaaa! hhh hello! I'm Ash, I am into BL for a long time now, I like BL anime manga webtoon movies drama novels wattpad-stories, I'm more into Shounen Ai than Yaoi (in dramas mostly), I like the good stories, how they meet  how they started so the stories that start with MCs already dating I have mixed feelings about it hhh, I hope we can be a good friends dear fujoshis ^^ ♥
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