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Cyberpunk Magic Realism
Cyberpunk Magic Realism
Possible Title Change
SarahWeaver61 year ago
Notification that I might decide on a different title change in the future. I needed a good temporary term to describe the mode of storytelling:

1. Set between a year after the time the book is written, all the way up to twenty five years after the work is written.

2. Generally has plot that has more in common with 100 Years Of Solitude or Wind Up Bird Chronicle.

3. MC generally on the edge of society, living in a world of ubiquitous technology. It diverges from Cyberpunk in allowing for certain magical qualities that would generally be impossible in a pure Cyberpunk setting.

4. However the magic is subtle by fantasy standards, focusing more on the inexplicable things that happen in the background that are not quite possible but not blatantly impossible.
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