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What's your first anime and manga (if you've read one) and did you like it?
INeedHelpWithThisOne3 years ago
Like the title says, what's your first anime and manga and did you like it? Now, if you haven't read a manga before, then you don't have to put. Or if you haven't watched an anime before and usually read mangas, then you don't have to put the anime.
I'll go first;
*Ahem* My first anime was 'Durarara!!!'. I don't count Dragon Ball Z, Yu-gi-oh, or Pokemon, mainly because I didn't really know it was an anime until later on. My brother actually introduced me to these so I'm really glad he did. Sure we bicker (a lot), he can be one hell of an anime geek. But yeah, I REALLY enjoyed 'Durarara!!!'.
My first manga was probably Ouran High School Host Club or Black Butler. But either way, they were outstanding mangas and were really funny at some points, and pretty cool too!

Your turn guys!
bloodandfullmoon1 year ago
My first Manga was OHSHC as well!
roseofnoonvale3 years ago
If we aren't counting Pokemon or Yu--gi-oh then my first anime was, if i remember correctly, Inuyasha.
my first manga was Sgt Frog.
hopeless_imagination3 years ago
Sunnycanary6133 years ago
My first anime was Hetalia. I watched about 5 episodes (the episodes are really short, about 5 minutes each) and gave up on it. A couple of months later, I got back into it, and loved it. :3
My first manga was +Anima... A couple of the volumes were in my school's library and I read all the ones they had, then read the rest online.
cherry.queen3 years ago
Has anyone watched KHR? It was my first and I still love it, even though the anime was childish. I'm pretty sure the first manga that I actively read was FMA though...
DiscordedDoctor3 years ago
The first anime I ever watched? I'd have to say Black Butler, and I instantly fell in love with it. I like the story line and the characters, Sebastian especially. Now, the first manga series I read was Kingdom Hearts, though I didn't know it at the time; at that point, comics were comics, and I really didn't know any better :D
CorruptedPurity3 years ago
First? w/o knowing that it is an anime? Pokemon

But the 'first' time I really watched anime was Death Note which took me on a psychological roller coaster of a great magnitude. Great watch and really keeps the old noggin in suspense.
My fav anime is Madoka though, nothing beats Madoka
kelly3 years ago
The first series I ever watched was KHR. It's still my favourite, even though there are several other really good series.
roseofnoonvale3 years ago
First mange was Sgt frog...first anime will come back when my minds not foggy and report that
EnnaStark3 years ago
Either Hetalia, FMA, Inuyasha, or Ouran High School Host Club. I think it went Inuyasha and FMA around the same time, then Hetalia, then Ouran. And those were in anime and manga format so yes I loved all of them. Also I'm rewatching FMA now, so I think right now that might be one of my favorites. It'll most likely change xD
bloodandfullmoon1 year ago
Same :) I loved OHSHC!
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