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What cartoon did you think would be stupid, but it turned out to be fun to watch?
INeedHelpWithThisOne4 years ago
So this is a cartoon question! Decided to make one since this is also a cartoon society (despite the name). So, as the question says, what cartoon did you think would be stupid, but turned out to be fun to watch? It doesn't matter if it was in your childhood or not. It could even be a cartoon you recently saw!

For me, it would have to be 'Gravity Falls'. This was when I used to watch Disney Channel and not 'Comedy Central' all the time. When I first saw the very first commercial for 'Gravity Falls', I just thought "Oh great, another dumb cartoon being desplayed. First CN and now Disney? Gah". I just kept hating on the commercials because it didn't really give out any details to what it actually is, you know?
So once they finally displayed the first episode, I saw it, and I actually found it amusing. It's actually pretty good. I was quite suprised by the turn out, honestly.

All right. Your turn!
Heminor2 years ago
Yeah I agree about Gravity Falls. At first, especially with its advertising campaigns, it seemed like another one of those "random for the sake of being random" cartoons, but when I watched it, it wasn't an obnoxious sort of random at all, and of course it became obvious that the writers had a bigger plan for it later into the show.
Megumi Akagane
Megumi Akagane3 years ago
Princess Tutu.
BlueberryKitten3 years ago
Princess Tutu is amazing...and what's wrong with girly? =.=
Kat Phillips
Kat Phillips2 years ago
lol i accidently watched that when i was around five. now i realize how non-child friendly it really was.
Megumi Akagane
Megumi Akagane2 years ago
@Kat Phillips, I know, right? I remember watching it at first and being like, "what the heck am I watching?" and then I was like "WHAT THE HECK IS THIS I THOUGHT THIS WAS A GIRLY CUTE KID SHOW CUZ THATS WHAT MY MOMMA SAID."
Megumi Akagane
Megumi Akagane2 years ago
@BlueberryKitten, Nothing, nothing at all.
When I first heard of it though, and started to enjoy it, people thought it was girly because of the name...XD
Byargus3 years ago
It is not a cartoon though, it is an anime ~~~(>3>)~~~
I thought that Attack on Titans was going to be stupid until I actually watched it for real.
hAVOK9173 years ago
Shinchan!!!.. :D despite my initial thoughts, it turned out to be hilarious and fun to watch
Sunnycanary6133 years ago
ahhhh i love shinchan!! i used to watch it so much as a kid (even if it was the chinese dub haha, i always just thought it was a chinese cartoon xD)
hAVOK9173 years ago
@Sunnycanary613, I still watch it, whenever I can, funniest of all. And there was this other show- kochikame( I guess )equally good :D
Sunnycanary6133 years ago
@hAVOK917, ahh i haven't watched that yet... it looks pretty good!
hAVOK9173 years ago
@Sunnycanary613, u should give it a try...its really good :)
Capeditiea1 year ago
My Little Pony. hands down.
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