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The Co-Write Setup
The Co-Write Setup
How to create a co written story?
kittytessapuppy2 years ago
I've been trying to figure this out to no avail, how do you create a story with multiple authors? I've seen it done here, but can't figure out how to do it myself.
re.paige2 years ago
I assume you know how to create a story in the first place.

From the Home page, click 'Write a New Story' above the left side bar.
On the create page, under 'Collaborators' click on co-writer -- a drop down will appear asking how many collaborators you want, up to a maximum of five. When you create your story, it will open it up to invite collaborators / other members can apply to join your story.'

I hope that helps.
kittytessapuppy2 years ago
Not really, I just realized I should be more detailed in what I'm trying to do xd, or rather, where... Since I have no internet on my PC, I use the mobile penana app, which apparently doen't have the option for that xd.
deletedaccount2 years ago
You can also go through with google docs. Since you do not have internet on your computer it might be frustrating to use the app... Unless you have an iPad with internet, but that's also a way to do it through google share. Hope that helps a bit...
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