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The Co-Write Setup
The Co-Write Setup
Seeking 2 Co-Writers (Tragicomedy // Tearjerker // Dramedy)
jacksteele2 years ago
Message me if you're so in, thanks. :)

Rating PG-13 at most.

If you want a novel:
Genre: Comedy, Subgenre 1: Tragedy, Subgenre 2: Family.

If you want a screenplay:
Genre: Screenplay, Subgenre 1: Tragedy, Subgenre 2: Family.

References: 'Steel Magnolias'. 'Little Miss Sunshine'. 'The Breakfast Club'.  
Fits into giggles, fits into tears. To have, to hold, to leave, to lose...  
No one must die, but if comes death, who dies? Who gets left behind?

Synopsis: One loud estranged family from all corners of America (east coast, west coast, south coast) gathers to an Iowan farm every July. Each reunion guarantees hysterical grudges and unreasonable competition... but there shall be wounds to close, roots to pull.

Maybe 5 to 10 years, 5 to 10 times they get together, get to know each other, deal with each other, then leave each other. But the final time naturally is up to the co-writers.

The ideal cast is a fairly large family tree; not necessarily full blood-related but simple.
Three generations with both gender each. Minimum six core characters with a beginning and an ending would be great. (If there's 2 co-writers in with me, I imagine that'd be 2 characters each writer. If just 1 co-writer and I, then that'd be 3 each if that works.)

Hi there I'm Jack. I'd like up to 2 co-writers, but 1 is still enough to start after a week's wait. I sure am curious to see what co-writing is like! Of course I'll leave a comment once those positions are taken. I'm thinking we should agree on novel or screenplay form, and the title. That way it's our baby and pride~ Characters, names, settings regarding the Iowan farm, plot arcs and twists, all up for brainstorm. I'm open to ideas, notes, and scenes if they're FUNNY or TRAGIC unanimously!

(If one position's taken, and it's been a month or longer and you're interested in the second position, keep in mind that it's most likely some decisions have been made.)

Frequency: Collaborate at least once/twice a month? Can't rush genius. Hair flip~ Up to you if you're bored and want to pick up the pace. It could be fun! And sadistic. But fun!
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