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The Co-Write Setup
The Co-Write Setup
Hey there, looking for some collaborators to work with
Mariella Katz
Mariella Katz2 years ago
Hey, I'm looking for a beta-reader and/or an Idea contributor for my sci-fi fantasy apocalyptic and maybe slightly dystopian novel. I have a clear idea and the prologue out, but it'd definitely help to have someone to give an opinion and bounce idea's off of. Just an FYI it's PG-13 because the main character has depression and I'm not sure exactly how far I'll go with that, but she will be suicidal, just to delve a little deeper and really speak to people.
DynaD2 years ago
@Mariella Katz, could I be a beta reader? I would love to help:)
ShadowBobcat102 years ago
I would be interested in being an idea contributor.  That sounds cool.
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