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The Co-Write Setup
The Co-Write Setup
Seeking Co-writer
Michelle Polli
Michelle Polli1 year ago
I'm looking for a co-writer to help me with actually completing a novel! I have lots of ideas for novels that could be co-written, and I am very friendly. I mostly write YA, and I range from contemporary to fantasy with paranormal as an in-between. I like to write diverse characters, and most of my stories are character-driven with an overarching plot acting as the framework for the characters to run everything.
Gunther Schmidt
Gunther Schmidt1 year ago
I could be said co-writer, depending on what you're writing etc etc etc. Anyway, I'm interested so shoot my a PM or something.

re.paige1 year ago
I would be interested in being a co-writer, if you still need/want one. I know someone else already offered.
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