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The Co-Write Setup
The Co-Write Setup
Co-writer/s needed. (I'm new)
Hikari Yuuki Scarlett
Hikari Yuuki Scarlett1 year ago
I'm new and I want to write a novel here with other people, and hopefully improve my writing and grow as a writer.

So, does anyone wanna jump in my boat?

Let's sail away in our imagination.
Resukaze1 year ago
Anytime in the U.S. school year-- I'd love to co-write. Just message me.
Gunther Schmidt
Gunther Schmidt1 year ago
Okie, I'm available for a collab project if you're interested. Just shoot me a PM or whatnot.
Zane colwell
Zane colwell1 year ago
I have been on that boat of imagination, can a third person sail in it. (P.s. if you didn't get that I want to be your co writer)
Scofield25501 year ago
@Zane colwell, lol I got it 😉🤣
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