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Standard races
MarsianWarrior1 year ago
These are the standard races: Remember these can change, it is up to the creator. These are for Fantasy stories.

Dwarf: Hardy and strong. Dwarves are full of endurance and muscle. They reach four feet five and weigh as much as a normal man. The class that a dwarf would have would include lifting heavy weapons and armor. They are sometimes clerics but normally something of a higher standard.

Elf: Graceful and fast. They are a little taller than a full grown man but much lighter. Elves are gifted with long eyesight, keen hearing, and a long life. An elf normally lives up to twenty thousand years. There are three types of elves:
High elf: These are the most powerful and open-minded elves. They don’t hide themselves but stand proudly in their own civilizations. They are normally, wizards, clerics, or monks.
Drow: The dark elves, or drow, are powerful and evil. They are cunning, wicked, and violent. Normally Mages or Sorcerers. (If you are good you cannot be a Drow)

Halfling: or hobbit. These are cheerful folk with little excitement or adventure in their lives. But when there home is threatened, a Halfling would do all in his or her  power to protect it. They only think of good, and cheerfulness. Alike to a gnome. Halflings are silent and small sized. Which they use to their advantage. They are normally entertainers or any form of a spy.

Dragon Born: These are strong and tall fighters. They stand upright like a human, but they have a lizard head and scales all over their body. They are only things of strength, like a dwarf.

Gnome: Gnomes are small and joyful. They live a long life of 500 years but live to the fullest and never grow old in their hearts. They reach three feet tall. Gnomes are loved by all races and can be many things. There are two types of Gnomes.
Wood Gnome: Live in forests and are natural hunters, they can live in the forest for a long time and are usually rangers or anything like them.
Rock Gnome: Live underground, they are natural tinkerers and inventors. Can be any class besides great warriors.

Werewolf: A Burly human that can turn into a wolf at will. Can be any class that lives in the forest.

Vampire: The demons of the night, these creatures will only help you if it serves his or her interest. Or they could be "one of the good ones" That only drink animal blood.

Humans: Do I need to say anything? No I don’t. But humans can be any class.

That is it for Races. Now for classes. I won’t go into a lot of detail about classes though.

Barbarians: A class that war follows. When A barbarian gets angry he can get in a battle rage that mostly no one survives.
Knight: Very loyal to their king. Knights are very powerful and do not fight for money.
Ranger: A ranger is skilled with a bow and daggers and lives in forests. Have the uncanny skill to hide and hunt.
Spy: A spy can either work for an army or get paid from someone else. They are very hard to trust.
Assassin: A silent killer that kills for gold. No one knows the assassin’s target, making whoever the assassin travels with keep their weapons nearby.
Bard: A simple entertainer that is also skilled with daggers and short swords.
Thief: Thieves hate company, better watch your gold when a thief is around.
Wizard: Skilled in magic spells. Wizards are the most powerful beings in the world.
Fighter: A fighter is skilled In all directions, they are high and mighty and are usually sons of barons or dukes.
Druid: Druids are animal lovers. They live in the forest and can turn into any animal they ever saw.
Ninja: just a ninja
Sorcerer: An evil wizard, (has to be bad to be a sorcerer)
Celestial-blue1 year ago
this reminds me of Dungeons and Dragons
MarsianWarrior1 year ago
@Celestial-blue, well it kind of is a RP game
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