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The Adventure Society
The Adventure Society
Story #1: Vampires VS Werewolves
MarsianWarrior9 months ago
This story takes place in the modern world with modern stuff. Vampires took over New York... Werewolves took over Pennsylvania. They are in a war. The outside world is oblivious... and the mythical beasts want to keep it that way. The witches made rings for the chosen leaders of the Vampires/Werewolves so that vampires can walk in the day and the Werewolves can control their turning. (Witches don't usually participate in the war)
The Vampires have a secret society of vampires and a council. Werewolves have a bunch of groups.
Myths/Facts about the races:
Vampires: Superfast, strong, can live on animal blood although it makes them weaker than if they drank human blood. They rarely kill people, they normally drink from bloodbanks. (it is illegal for in their society to kill unless necessary) Holy water and Garlic do not do anything. A stake through the heart works (but only the heart) Fire weakens them greatly but does not kill them. A werewolf bite is deadly poisonous to vampires and kills them. If the house is not owned by a supernatural being then they have to be let in by the owner. Then they never have to ask again. The older the vampire is, the more powerful he gets, like have special abilities like turning into a bat, turning invisible, flying, summoning bats, regeneration, and blocking out the son without a ring, etc...the plant weakens them greatly and when touched to their skin burns it like the son... although it takes hours to heal. They normally heal fast.
Werewolf: Live in small packs, or groups. Strong when not in wolf form. Silver is the only thing that can kill them... wolfbane terribly harms them... Turns at the full moon, cannot control it. But if they have a ring they can turn whenever they want and control it also.
MarsianWarrior9 months ago
(How to turn)
Vampires: You have to have vampire blood in your system and then die
Werewolf: You have to have werewolf blood in your system and then die
MarsianWarrior9 months ago
So whoever wants to join this story please let me know...
GhettoQueen3 months ago
I would like
MarsianWarrior3 months ago
@GhettoQueen, Alright, make your thread and we'll get started
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