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Society of People With Weird Thoughts and Questions
Society of People With Weird Thoughts and Questions
Madness and the Creative Machine We Know as the Brain.
ViridianMind3 years ago
I've done a lot of research on mental illness and creativity, not just the quick google search and then "oop I know it all!" No I'm talking brass tacks psychology papers, I'm talking personal experience interviews, I'm talking reading terrible and great fanfic to really delve into the author's psyche, I'm talking scientific paper reading for fun and then writing a paper for class. But I want to know from the minds and mouths, more like fingers, of other writers...is being crazy a prerequisite to be creative? Or does it "Help"? As it were. I've read some interesting theories and published papers on the subject but never just asked people in this kind of context. I'd love to hear your opinions on the matter!
roseofnoonvale3 years ago
It's one of those things that can go both ways. It also depends on how or what one wishes to consider "crazy".  In the Breakfast club, there's a quote " We're all a little bizarre, some of us are just better at hiding it.,"

If you want to look on the side of mental illness, it would depend on what mental illness or disorders are present. For some it helps them embrace their writings natural flow. Some writers with anxiety disorder, especially those who use it as a coping mechanisms, tend to be more creative then some.

What you've experienced in life could also determine creativity. I've known kids whose parents discouraged creativity. Others are encouraged to let their imagination fly. Authors who have experienced a lot of rough antsy times may write the most creative angst stories.

I guess what I'm saying is that, in some people, yes it helps. In others may not be as much so.
sar-low3 years ago
That would depend on the area of the brain affected. like if the hippocampous (<- sorry about the spelling) Which controls memory was effected then it wouldent help with creativity. In addition if parts of the brain are dammaged causing the illness it would not help. For instance my father. He was extreamly creative, then he had a stroke which killed off 1 squar inch of his brain. The doctors classify the following effects as a mental illness. In short, you cant chose one way or the other sometimes it helps sometimes it doesnot.
Also I kinda love that you are reading research papers. That is great!
XXjoeyXX3 years ago
I have autism, PTSD, and we'll...a lot of other things I won't type here. It's both helpful and a curse. It can help, but can also be aa nuisance. My aunts calls it a double bladed sword
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