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Book Reading Club
Book Reading Club
Book Reader's for story "Black Wolf of the Void"
Firemaster11 year ago
A very nice day to you all members of this fine community, allow me to politely introduce myself.
My name is Voinescu Ovidiu from Romania a fantasy and science fiction writer and medieval combat enthusiast.
I have several science fiction ideas in the works one called “Sharozas Star” which I will update very soon, but my biggest project is a Zootopia Fan Fiction “Black Wolf of the Void”.
I would be most grateful to get some friends, editors, beta readers, co-authors really anyone who is willing to help and appreciates the grand adventure, romance and emotions of the story please share your thoughts.
I have also committed some funs to commission artists to illustrate moments in the story and here are two of these.

If you’re interested to read it here is a link. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12457448/1/The-Black-Wolf-of-the-Void
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