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Graphic Making
Graphic Making
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Pencil Melody
Pencil Melody3 years ago
We need to have a thread to list the artists and their talents

Here's the template along with an explanation of each question

Name: Your preferred name, duh.

About Myself: You don't have to put anything here if you don't want to. Just put a little background.

Tools of Trade: What do you make art with? Pencils? Adobe Photoshop? Your camera?

Skills: What is your artistic strong point? Sketches? Portrait photography? Humans?

Likes: What do you like. Just whatever you like really.

Dislikes: Opposite of the above question. Whatever you dislike.

Preferences: The kind of story you want to make coverart for. What you prefer to draw.

Random: Whatever you feel like saying. Such as "I like donuts."

Resukaze1 year ago
Name: Resu

About Myself: you don't need to know

Tools of Trade: pencils, pens, phone camera and its editing options, an editor on the computer, Weave Silk

Skills: tribal art, animals, mountain/hill landscapes, swirly thingies I don't have a name for

Likes: not important

Dislikes: I don't want to talk about it

Preferences: Fantasy, or basically anything that doesn't need humans or machines in the cover

Random: Available during the school year
Pencil Melody
Pencil Melody3 years ago
Name: Pencil Melody aka Melly.

About Myself: Just a teenager who like to draw, read, and write fiction.

Tools of Trade: Pencils, soft pastels, highlighter, inking pen.

Skills: Shading, sketching, landscapes, my little ponies, plants and flowers, foods like donuts, and eyes.

Likes: My little pony, sci-fi, donuts, eyes,

Dislikes: Sped up and cliche romance, the same old reused storyline, and donut-haters.

Preferences: Slice of life, sci-fi, adventure, good romance stories, stories without cussing, and landscapes. I'm not very good at humans.

Random: Did I say that I like donuts? Well, I do.
Here's a link to my deviantart, http://pencilmelody.deviantart.com/
Sunnycanary6133 years ago
Name: joy

About Myself: uhh i'm just a weeb haha, i like to draw and write but atm i'm leaning more towards the drawing side (just bc i have more motivation orz) i like to talk to people and make new friends but i don't really initiate conversations much :') i mostly do fanart, so i guess covers would be, in a way, that? idk xD but i'm fine with anything, tbh

Tools of Trade: recently, i just got a wacom intuos pen & touch (yay!!) and i use painttool sai :3 i'm pretty much a full-on digital artist, unless it's little doodles. i'm practicing with watercolour, though, and i hope i can get good enough at it someday to make full on paintings!

Skills: i recently found a new colouring style i really like and i think colouring is what i'm best at atm!!

Likes: anime (esp sports but others too) and pokemon games (lol nerd) and food, lots of food. i love foxes and owls and cats and the colour orange. my fav season is winter and i love the rain, just not while i'm outside. i also love hot chocolate and making coffee, but not drinking it. i like pretty words/stories/poems/songs and also the word 'haha'. haha idk i could go on and on i just talk too much

Dislikes: idk i'm a pretty easy-going person i don't have much i dislike... i dislike discrimination (like racism, homophobia, sexism etc) and i'm always scared i'm not living up to both the expectations of others and myself. i've read too many fanfics so i feel a bit uncomfortable reading anything in first person now whoops (but i'll still read it, i just take a bit to get used to it ^^;)

Preferences: i don't mind anything lol, i'd just prefer not to draw nsfw (bc what is anatomy). i haven't really done much landscapes/backgrounds but i'm willing to give it a try!

Random: idk i like to think i'm a pretty cool person but yknow in reality i'm just a dork. i don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable while talking to me or anything, so if i misuse a pronoun or name or something else, please tell me!
btw if you want to see any of my art, my tumblr is volleyowl.tumblr.com and my ig is also volleyowl c:
INKYLORE1 year ago
Name: Katisu

About Myself: otaku that indulges in both anime and video games as well as role play, a poet, and a Gemini with so much patience (you've been warned)

Tools of Trade: pencils, color pencils, ball point pen, camera, flash-drive, mouse or graphic art designer, gimp

Skills: my skills are invested in character design and strange creatures...can do other things like setting and objects but characters are what I'm best at

Likes: anime, manga, role play, story writing

Dislikes: people

Preferences: for now id say I can do anything

Random:;"secretly seeking abuse and pain"
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