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love triangles...
Bluemoon Scriptor
Bluemoon Scriptor3 years ago
I am curious - do you guys think it is possible to have 4 people in a love... square? I was writing a story and one of my friends said they were rooting for someone who isn't even in the love triangle! And it got me thinking, is it possible!?

Ramen Noodles
Ramen Noodles3 years ago
Hmm, a love square? Anything in my opinion, is possible in our world.  A love square in real life is unlikely to occur but what kind of love square? Where person A loves person B and Person B likes C and C likes D who likes A? Or...some other variation?
Bluemoon Scriptor
Bluemoon Scriptor3 years ago
*gets piece of paper and pen* *chews on pen lid*

A and B end up falling, but A is very close to C (C loves her), so B hates C - and D loves B and therefore jealous of A.

... I need chocolate.  
BC243 years ago
LOL :P maybe I'm a little late (sorry I just got to know this site yesterday xD ) but I think it is very possible as I'm writing a similar situation myself xD ;) ) be confident and just do your best to make it look plausible :) hope I could help!
Bluemoon Scriptor
Bluemoon Scriptor3 years ago
Never too late! *strikes dramatic pose* tell me more of your story! I've been mulling over it as I do other things... So it's good to have other thoughts/ experiences.
BC243 years ago
Well, in my case it's good to finally meet somebody with "similar tastes" so to speak :P My story... So I've come from the fanfiction world xD ahah I wrote 2 fics for NCISLA and I finally decided to start an original project ^^ My story is called Flawed Nature (you can read it here on this site, on Fiction Press and on Wattpad) it currently has 3 chapters, I'm working on the 4th one and well, about the love... square :P two women, two men. It's easier for me to use names than numbers so:
- Angela (main female character)
- Henry (main male character)
- Darren
- Dianne

Angela doesn't really like anyone (she will maybe...)
Darren likes Angie
Dianne likes Henry
Henry doesn't like Dianne
Henry will eventually fall for Angie
Angela and Dianne don't like each other.
Henry and Darren are kinda best friends
Darren has been trying to convince Henry to give Dianne a chance xD ahaha

It may sound difficult when comparing to a love triangle, but honestly I think that 1) love triangles are such a cliché... and 2) a love square it's so much more challenging and it can be so much more interesting :D I've spent a lot of time developing the characters and creating their background stories and personalities that now, writing the actual dialogues and descriptions/narration parts gets easier :)

I have a lot of ideas for this story but I honestly don't know how it's gonna go. I have like maybe a small idea on how the ending will look like, but I'll just write one chapter at a time, slowly and see where it goes, because some of the ideas are kind of incompatible :P lol but I love the characters and their pasts, why they are the way they are and they're my babies! <3 I think that if you like your characters and know about their pasts (which you kind of are responsible for and can decide xD best thing about being a writer) everything will be easier :)

about the plot/storyline.... Well, it's called Flawed Nature because of Angela, she's the main character and well, she thinks she is a very flawed person. 'Nature' is because she has green eyes xD lol so it's a little metaphor :P hihih it involves a lot of stuff that maybe the majority of people wouldn't even dare mix together because either it's very difficult to describe or simply doesn't sound well together and it's hard to combine xD ahah but I'm a little crazy so :P So the story will involve: marriages, divorces, lawyers, family issues, betrayal, middle school,  a class of little devils, selfish cruel bosses, cooking/baking, camping, death, smoking, lies, secrets, babies, exercising, homosexuality, regrets, adoption, etc... See, I'm not that much of a normal girl xD

Well, you're probably sick of me already xD enough of myself :P what is this story of yours called and what is it about? ^^ again, hope I could help :)
Sàlmáñ S
Sàlmáñ S3 months ago
If it is only about the love triangle, my story "Woe" sits right in there. My story has three main characters Akash, Megha, Varsha and English meanings of those names are Sky, Cloud, and Rain respectively. Varsha and Megha are kinda best friends and they fall love with Akash at multiple spots in the timeline and both are aware of each other's love.
I know it really sounds confusing here, I suggest you to read my book "Woe".You can read it here, or on Wattpad or on Sweek, kindle etc. My story consists of 4 chapters and it happens at different places namely: Mumbai, Malibu etc.

Hoping that you'll like it. But do leave a feedback.

Thank You,
Salman Shaik
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