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The Romance Writers Club
The Romance Writers Club
Share your Romance ideas
Zane colwell
Zane colwell1 year ago
Hey guys, if you're like me, than you care what others think. So share your ideas here and get people's comments.
Miss Anderson
Miss Anderson9 months ago
My newest story in honor of Autism awareness! Check it out, called Rajakumari!
Lei André
Lei André4 days ago
I've been writing this book, it's a coming-of-age story with some plot twists in a fictional small town; a strong and stubborn heroine who's a cynic when it comes to love trying to write a romance novel while understanding what it means and takes to fall in love; while battling inner demons and facing the skeletons in her closet all under a rebellious devil-may-care facade. Included also is youth empowerment.
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