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The Romance Writers Club
The Romance Writers Club
Favorite Romance Plots?
SimplyStephy3 years ago
What are your favorite romance plots? Which ones do you like reading, and which ones do you like writing about?
Ramen Noodles
Ramen Noodles3 years ago
My favorite kind of romance plots are hard to describe because they seem to have this special kind of feeling to everyone of them. I seem to be drawn to ones that of course resemble my own life, in which case it is when one that is the deepest and longest or perhaps ones with the most meaning. Two people who absolutely need the other and make the other better people despite all the struggles and uglies. I tend to write various romance plots based on different kinds of people. Most notably my Love Therapy story touches on various kinds of pairings i.e. the dreamer and the realist, the nice guy and the femme fatale, the weird girl and the skeptical girl,  the pushover and the badboy, etc.
Bluemoon Scriptor
Bluemoon Scriptor3 years ago
I agree - romance stories with people that drastically contrast, and therefore help redefine or challenge each other can be so beautiful.
Unlikely pairings can be twisted into any genre as well - which is awfully fun.

I personally like the underlings story. Stories that make weaklings into heroes, and the people that help make it so.
Roocckkyy3 years ago
My ideal romance plots, are the types where the relationship between them is complicated but undeniable. Such as when one has a flaw that could cause a problem between them. Or forbidden love, something like that. Just having to face something difficult in order to be together, is where I'm getting at.
IgneelsTears2 years ago
I like stories where the love has already blossomed. I don't know why, but sometimes I find the struggling-affections-of-love are a bit too dramatic at times. I do like ones with strong, leading males—or ones that are too dorky and adorable. My favourite complications are ones that aren't too big, but rather cute jealously that leads to overpowering envy. Get me? But I'm pretty open to try new things ;-)
Tessa Grace
Tessa Grace2 years ago
I love stories where the romance is totally unexpected. I mean, often it's predictable, but where the two hate each other and then realize they do love each other after everything they've gone through together. They have to struggle to accept they like the other. That's the way it was for me. I have the most sweet and caring boyfriend, although he's admittedly a jerk at times, lol (hope you forgive me Jake!) but we used to hate each other's guts. Seriously. Dunno what happened but at one point we were making out on the front porch after a heated discussion of I can't even remember  what the point was. Something dumb, anyway. It wasn't like we didn't like each other at that point. He liked me a while before and I liked him, but we were both too stubborn to admit we liked our enemy. Stubbornness.... :-)
giccho1 year ago
Where conflict involve third-party or more. hehe
oxanne1 year ago
For the stories that I enjoy, I'm not gonna lie that I still enjoy the romance with various cliches in it, such as enemies-turn-lovers stories or a fairytale kind of stories, but now I'm going to explore the tragic romance or fatal attraction. The tragic romance with two persons who were only meant to love each other, but not having each other. Beside that, even though I haven't found the fatal-attraction stories, I believe that this kind of stories will give a twist for stories involving (so-called) lovey-dovey couples.
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