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The Romance Writers Club
The Romance Writers Club
ihavenoidea3 years ago
So just curious if i'm the only one who likes writingLGBTQA pairings, or pairings involving threesomes, or other such things?
ElizabethBecker3 years ago
haha nope. me too when i can get it right
Shadow5 months ago
ah yes. I really like to. I love especially to write about twins, one straight and one not. Just can't help myself
Shadow5 months ago
On that note, the first book I posted to Penana recently is a romance LGBTQA story called Order Of Beasts. Be warned it is very mature as the main character was abused as a child and I go into detail. This is the first time I have been so physical in a book and would like some advise if it is anyone's cup of tea.

Arie Grace
Arie Grace1 month ago
(God I'm late sorry) I love writing LGBTQ+ stories, I don't even know why. I guess it just adds a whole other flap (Idek) to the plot; dealing with homophobic people, denial of being a part of it, etc. It makes the story interesting...
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