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Stories with Deeper Meanings
Stories with Deeper Meanings
Ever felt isolated?
PoisonPurple3 years ago
That is one extremely powerful question. To me at least. There i was sitting on a lunch bench near my locker with headphones strapped around my head delicately while listening to songs on full blast when a friend of mine came up and said:

"Do you ever feel isolated?"

I of course asked her 'are you feeling isolated?' as my immediate worry but she said again "do YOU feel isolated?" In what sense i replied and she went on to explain how most days i looked miserable but as soon as class started i would pep up and smile for the class. However when the bell ran and lunch called i just seemed lonely. Alone.

I looked dumbfound really. Yes I do feel isolated sometimes being the last one to be chosen as a pair in class activities and having to go with someone who sighs loudly as they groan and look at me like it's the last person to be with (Well it is.) Yes I do feel isolated when I sit a canteen table and try to properly hold a conversation yet no-one actually listens but let me be honest:

I try by talking loudly, By being enthusiastic and when the nervous feeling kicks in I start acting weird...talking about random things, doing weird dances and just smiling hella a lot because whenever i do those things people seem to think i'm happy. It works, a lot of people think i am genuinely that 'Fun' (I do enjoy dancing randomly though)

Do I ever feel isolated? In a world with millions of people? Yes but we work through it. We don't let ourselves be isolated if you swim to the continent. It's not nice having to make your friends instead of others trying to be your friends but I think it just makes it easier to find your REAL friends, once you tell them how you really feel and who you really are, accepting becomes way more satisfactory.

I write small feelings and events like 'Someone is handing out books and the person asks "who's [name]" and you're all like "Right here. Hehe."' To show that sometimes being the most isolated gives us more rewards because by the end of the page the character finds a way to change things. To make themselves clear.

-Hannah [Poison] <3
XXjoeyXX3 years ago
I do, all the time
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