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Stories with Deeper Meanings
Stories with Deeper Meanings
Elliot White
Elliot White2 years ago
As a new member, I thought it would be fitting if I started a topic of reasonably interesting discussion. I've been writing a number of strange stories as of late, that don't seem to fit into any particular genre--for example, I've written a story about a man struggling to burn down a church, a boy whose scared of his own reflection, an angel that goes to Earth to get its wings cut off, male prostitutes in Indonesia conducting their business in graveyards to avoid discrimination, etc.. I've been having trouble putting a label on them that doesn't fall under 'General', as 'General' usually seems extremely boring to me. What do you guys do when you're struggling to put a label on your work?
SarahWeaver61 year ago
I love this discussion.

Well different people that read my work seem to often think its a different genre, as weird as that sounds. I've been told anything from science fiction, fantasy, romance, contemporary, literary, or even magic realism.

With one work, that ended up getting me on a LitReads list on Wattpad.  I guess that's the nature of writing about Mistaken Necrophiliacs that want to bring their serial killer girlfriend back from the dead, and ascend into "electronic heaven."

I don't think I lost that cross-genre aesthetic, but my cross-genre sounds less and less cross-genre and more ... slipstream. Just slightly in the realm of science fiction and fantasy.

It's less Fairies with machine guns, and more Computer Programmers with talking cats lately.
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