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Stories with Deeper Meanings
Stories with Deeper Meanings
Writing something that relates to your life
XXjoeyXX3 years ago
Have you ever written anything that really relates to your life?
PoisonPurple3 years ago
Allll the time, it's always easier to sprinkle a little bit of yourself into a piece...especially when you become very passionate about it.
XXjoeyXX3 years ago
@PoisonPurple, i agree
Nicole Armas
Nicole Armas3 years ago
What author doesn't? Oftentimes, a character or an event can be linked to the author's life. A character can be based off of someone the author knows or the character can possess traits in their personality that relate to the author and events in a novel can be loosely based off of an event the author has experienced his/herself.
Pencil Melody
Pencil Melody3 years ago
I wrote an entry for a contest based off what happened after my grandpa's passing. Honestly, a lot of things about my life inspire me to write. I once saw my dad shoot some snot rockets off our front porch, and I had an idea for a story. Of course, I was like Noooooooooo! Why do you do this to me?! So, basically most of the stuff I write is inspired by real life.

SarahWeaver61 year ago
I often get told my readers find out a lot about my anxieties, sometimes to an uncomfortable degree.
Megumi Akagane
Megumi Akagane1 year ago
I write a lot about the things I've been through and the things I'm passionate about. I use my storytelling to vent, to let myself release what I am feeling. I do the same with my art.
I often don't get the chance to speak about what's on my mind. I also believe that God gave the gift of writing and drawing to honor Him and show others His love and to share the Gospel.
So...yeah, I write a lot about things that relate to my life. And honestly, I think that's part of what makes a story yours. It has part of you in it. I put my heart and soul into creating what is my masterpieces.
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