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Stories with Deeper Meanings
Stories with Deeper Meanings
My Light Novels
Morgan LionHeart
Morgan LionHeart1 year ago
It's funny what can inspire you, isn't it? When I started writing in true Ernest, it was after seeing a Japanese anime of all things! The anime was called "Kanon" I had thought that.. The particular type of entertainment was an "escape" boy was I wrong! Kanon layed out the beauty in life but also the ugliness! Depression, disease, heartbreak, loneliness, even death. Not in real gory ways but naturally, the death of a little brother from a disease, the possibility of death of a little sister. The mind going into a fuege state to protect precious memories... After that I discovered more. The company that made the original visual novel really wanted the point to hit home.. But not just that, miracles too, big and small. After that "Clandestine" was born"

So, check out chapter 1 and maybe consider, taking the journey with me and my characters in the long run? Here's chapter 1 volume 1

Clandestine Volume 1: Loyalty  - Penana
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