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I just wanna know.
Deep_in_fandomland2 years ago
I'm a newbie, been here for less than a week. I like penana because you can ask for help and help others and so on.

I just wanted to know how was Wattpad for you guys? I still like it you know, but I just wanted to try out another writing app. My username is deep_in_fandomland on Wattpad. . .  I follow back.
FionaDaydreamer2 years ago
Hey Deep_in_fandomland,
I too have an account on wattpad.com but nothing trumphs penana.com
Although I joined wattpad last summer I barely got noticed and in a frustrating way I have to fight to get it (not aggressively rest assured, I'm too warm-hearted). Plus it's forum made for teenagers and young adults. Although I am a young adult, I've noticed my stories, (no matter and fanfic or pure own imagination) my way of thinking and observing is different meaning experienced and perhaps a bit mature. Going deep into certain situations and even characters.
That's what I've noticed in Wattpad.
What about you?
Cheers! ^.^
Deep_in_fandomland2 years ago
I hear that a lot. My experience was really different. I like the style and I got followers quickly. Also Wattpad has a lot of generes and I felt more comfortable writing boyxboy because I knew people over there liked reading it. But I'm getting use to penana.
Davrielle2 years ago
I'm fairly popular on Wattpad. I have thousands of followers and books that are getting recognition, but I much prefer Penana because of the diverse demographic. You have adults on here, young adults, and some teenagers who write very well. Plus this site has a contests feature that Wattpad doesn't. It is easier to make friends on this site and I'm honored to say that I'm a Pen Influencer. I would spend more time here than on Wattpad, especially since the majority of stories on here are more up my alley than on the other.
SkyWish2 years ago
@Davrielle, yes Penana is a better site for community, but be sure to protect yourself from people you don't know!
Jennie Camacho
Jennie Camacho2 years ago
I didn't know you were on here. How are you?
Davrielle2 years ago
@Jennie Camacho, yup! I've been on here since before my daughter was born. In celebrating my two year anniversary sometime in May :) this place is awesome. I'm doing well, just tired as usual. Doing some writing for a novel writing class in college. Its been really helpful.
Bri.tt.any.y2 years ago
Hey, I was on wattpad for awhile, but only within the past couple of years I started putting my writing up. I was always too nervous and after only getting a few views I started to look for a new place to write on. Thats when I came across here and gave it a try. I love Wattpad, but I feel like no matter where I go the genre I prefer (horror) isnt focused on much.
2 years ago
Hey, everyone! I used to be on Wattpad, but I've since then left that site to try Penana. I've heard only good thing about this place.
ShadowBobcat102 years ago
Penana is superb! I used FF.net/FP.com, Archive of our Own, and Wattpad, and I think Penana is the best platform there is out there, other than Wikia, but only because Wikis are so versatile. Penana is definitely the best writing site out there.
INKYLORE1 year ago
wattpad... is... i don't know, okay i mean, i get new reads and stuff on my books but that's about it, no one ever really comments or votes for my stories... kind of sad for the person who actually tries to come up with a good story...

i rarely go on it anymore unless i  get a message or i have to update a chapter or something
SarahWeaver61 year ago
I'm somewhat of a Wattpad refuge. I'm kind of trying to get away from the (mostly) toxic community over there. The public feed is ... weird. I don't really like how threads intended to be private are broadcast. And then, when you actually interact you can slammed for it.

I'm very reluctant going back.

SF and Fantasy mainly. Literary and General Fiction is excellent.

But here is another major reason I'm switching to here: Wattpad users are literally craving for the blocking. Seriously, they'll block for just about literally anything, the offense doesn't even have to make sense:

User One: I'm a Banana!

User Two: *Blocks.

User One: Hey how's the weather?

User Two: *Blocks.

That's not what the block feature was designed for you ass hats. It's used more as a tool for political oppression than reasoned conversation. It's a lot like twitter in this way.

And Ambassadors? Yea you don't even get to mute Ambassadors. Give me all the excuses all you want. It literally seems like the most immature people end up getting the ambassadorship.

Removing my stuff there and not going back.

If you're going to moderate something like Wattpad, your job is to act like a professional. Not just use the mute function willy nilly just because it gives you a feeling of power of others.

As you can see, I have a bit of trauma about it.

They also sell the rights to your work without notifying you about it as well. For example, the rights to adapt my novel was sold to Hollywood. And then this producers borrowed 1/3rd of my plot without notifying that they have done so, therefore violating my copy write.

That is not acceptable.
Flavius_Aeolus1 year ago
What the...

With this and the other comment I read of you regarding your life experience, these are shaking narratives for me to handle. Like, what?

Shocking and terrifying.
CreatingAtDawn1 year ago
Wattpad was my first writing app/website, I believe. I can't remember but I enjoy it. However most of the reading I do there is poorly done with room to improve. I notice that my skills also decline as I read it more and more. So, I got a bit bored. Searched a bit. Found it at one point. This place doesn't have x Readers and such. But the writing here is amazing most of the time compared to Wattpad. I have an x Reader on Wattpad that is still on going so, that's really the only thing that's keeping me tied to it.
(My username is the same on Wattpad as it is on here btw :) )
hcwilhelm1 year ago
The only reason I get on Wattpad now is to read the forum comments. Some people go off in those threads. It's wildly entertaining. And also, I update my book and have entered in the yearly Wattys. However, I have lost hope on my book being discovered on WP. There's too much traffic and daily publishing from all around the world, I needed a place to get my work out and eventually find good beta readers.

Since being on Penana, my reader count has grown a lot compared to WP. I love that they don't count the writers reads either, which is usually why my WP reader counts are off. They literally give you a read just for publishing. Some may like this, but I don't. I don't want to know how many times I've viewed it. I only want to see the readership.

Although, no one has yet to leave a comment or voted on my book here, it gives me hope and happiness just to see my reader count rise in each chapter every day. I'm a ghost reader myself, so I can understand why you'd rather not be known. The only negative I've found is lack of statistics. It would be nice to see the demographics of my readership to give me an idea of my target audience.
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