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What brought you to Penana?
TheLunaWoodElf4 months ago
Hi! So I've been using Wattpad for a few months under the same name (TheLunaWoodElf), and posted stories, but Wattpad has its ups and downs. Still, want to post stories on there, but also want to start here. I've been online most of the day, and I like this site a lot better. It feels like you can connect with other people better. What brought you guys to this site?
Zero Dantez
Zero Dantez3 months ago
I love to write stories and constantly aim to increase my following and  talent.  I figured if I came to penana I could do just that and gather more readers, followers, and friends. Always aiming to improve everything I can!!
Calypso1123 3 months ago
I wanted to write/share all the stories I wrote, but I realized since there are millions of authors around the world, I decided to put my works on multiple sites for people to read... and voila!
Osage2 months ago
I wanted my story to be on numerous sites! :It's fun~
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