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Coffee Break
Coffee Break
Nakysha3 years ago
Wow! It's been a while. Anyhow, I thought I should theme this topic around a monthly event that I'm sure most of us know about - National Novel Writing Month! All I'm asking today is did you participate? And if yes, what was your story about? ...Are you planning on finishing it?

As for me, I begun the Legend of Camp Wakaman, a story about a girl's experience at summer camp that goes wrong when a crazy person decides to take the camp matters into her own hands, and basically turning the summer camp into something kind of like a boot camp. But with torture. I have a great ending planned for it, and a beginning I'm happy with, but no middle. I'm sad to say that I won't be finishing it in November, but I'll definitely plan it out more and finish it. Because ending it will be easy, I just want to establish characters and the such.

What about you guys?
BlueberryKitten3 years ago
I did try to participate (wrote in a notebook the entire time), and I wrote a memoir about my experiences in university thus far.  I'll keep the story going and see what I feel like writing about.  I did not write enough to finish it but I made an interesting start on it.  We shall see what I write about and what kinds of adventures I get up to.
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