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Coffee Break
Coffee Break
How Do You Like Your Coffee?
Nakysha2 years ago
It's about time I did this one, what with the name of this society being coffee break and all. So, as the question says, how do you like your coffee? Though I don't drink that much coffee at all, I prefer two cream and three sugar. Double Triple, so to say.
XXjoeyXX2 years ago
I like ided coffee or coffee with lots and lots of sugar
acerani2 years ago
I realize it's been a week, but w/e. My preference in general is cold and sugary because I need the caffeine, but I'm trying to develop the acquired taste that my late grandmother loved: scalding, black, and bitter.
BlueberryKitten2 years ago
mixed with tea and milk (駌鴦)
Lata2 years ago
Am I the only one here who doesn't like milk or sugar in my coffee? So yeah, I like just plain black coffee. Yeah boring, I know.
2 years ago
@Lata, lol My Dad drank his that way. Called it cowboy coffee. I'm a double and a triple girl myself and I do love my coffee!
Lata2 years ago
@DollEyed Fae, Cowboy coffee? That is such a nice name for coffee. It feels good saying it. Maybe I should start calling my coffee cowboy coffee too. Gotta love coffee. God! Feels weird saying coffee so many times... Coffee. Coffee. Hehe..
2 years ago
@Lata, lol yeah I still call black coffee that. Or if it was really awful coffee he would call pine tar lol. Said it wasn't even worth making soap out of it. Maybe he could use for tarrin a roof instead lol.
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